Romania update 10/24/2005

God bless you all in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We got a report from Carl over the weekend and he and the whole team are doing great! That is certainly because everyone is praying so diligently. Please keep the outreach going on there in your heart this week especially.

On Friday, there was a minister’s conference on healing, where people came from many different denominations. There wasn’t as large a turnout as expected, but the ones who came were very blessed. There were several major healings there. One was a minister that we have begun to work with named Martin. His wife was dying from no known cause and she is only 43 years old. Carl found out that all the women in her family had died at age 43. He broke the generational curses and she immediately was healed. Her son was so excited, he also wanted prayer and was healed of asthma. Needless to say, that family was rejoicing!!!!

Another open door came from that conference with a minister from Christ for the Nations. They are having a youth worker’s preparation session today for youth that are sent not only to Romania but many other countries. Carl is invited to share at the meeting whatever he is led to speak. Please keep that in your prayers today. We do not know what far-reaching effects his teaching may have!

Carl was having trouble with his stomach for a brief time, but is getting over it now. Everyone else on the team is healthy and strong and as MJ said, “having a blast”!

Love and blessings from Sheila and Jan and Cathy