Romania Mission Report October 2007

Praise God for many answered prayers during Carl Fox’s October 07 Mission Trip to Romania. This trip was done differently then many of the previous trips. It was a shorter trip with specific design to it without Carl taking a large ministry team with him. It was a managerial trip with Carl himself visiting many of the ministries supported by Christian Faith International Ministries. Carl saw first hand how some of the challenges that have occurred for the ministries since the European Union has taken over are being met. We are glad to report that the ministries we support there are functioning well and continue to spread the Word of God among the people, bringing salvation, healing and deliverance to those in need and feeding widows and orphans. Carl held a teaching seminar for about 30 gypsy ministers in the Delta region which last year was devastated by floods. This is a region where CFIM sent an emergency supply of food when children were starving. Carl taught on faith and healing as well as some fundamentals of forgiveness and letting go of prejudice (which is too often found within the Body of Christ) and on unity (which is not unity of doctrine). He taught on the position we need to have and that is under the head and the head is Jesus Christ, not a man and on the importance of giving God the Glory. These gypsy ministers are on Fire for the Lord and this group baptized approximately 800 new Christians the month prior to Carl’s coming. They are moving the Word through the region. There was of course individual prayer for people and healing and deliverance at various locations during his stay there. At one location, the wife of a Greek Orthodox Priest (a denomination which in that country does not believe in healing being for today) had Parkinson’s disease. They did accept prayer and she was healed from this “incurable” illness. This was a breakthrough for them to accept prayer for this. There were many healed and families restored and lives changed and many born again. In Carl’s words after he got home “I glorify God for these things and that is only a pinch because things happen so fast if I don’t have someone along keeping track of it I never know most of it, because when people start getting healed they come out of the woodwork, they come off the streets. Unfortunately, there is a lot of religion but not much Jesus. Anyway, I thank all of you for your support. I don’t know what I’d do without the prayers. There were times that I just knew, it was like I would be bone tired and all of a sudden a whoop, and I’m ready to go and it was because of prayer!! And the people in Romania love you all. There are so many people who say go back and tell the church ‘we love them’, ‘we pray for them everyday’ and they are praying for us everyday. They have learned, because they have listened to me long to enough to know, we are the church (the people, not the buildings).”

God Bless all of you who support this work with prayer and financially in Jesus Christ Name!