Romania update October 2009

We covet your prayers and are so thankful for your faithfulness to stand with us in this hour. Our numbers may be small, but we know “even for one righteous man” still holds true.

The trip into Romania was reconciliation for many that had hardened their hearts to each other. Some had been lead away by false ministers; others were in competition for the “praises of man.”

The battle for souls still rages in Joan Colin (a Gypsy evangelist based in Bucharest). Gabby Lucka is now the President of the Gypsies throughout all Europe and their official representative in the EU. She is also like Frank Sinatra, known throughout for her voice. She will only sing gospel songs and stands against abortion and homosexuality. She has sold her villa and moved in with daughter Ester.

Carl went to minister healing to her and many other people were healed. Many others came back because they had never experienced God’s power. There was much good repentance. If God so leads you, please pray for Gabby and Ester. Her sons (heads of the Pentecostal church) do not believe she is healed.

The work in the gypsy villages with children has seen much growth. Man, many children are learning to read using the Bible and the Ten Commandments. Steve Roy is like a Pied Piper in his work with the children. Ellie Wilson was not able to come along on this trip.

Several days before Carl left, we got notice that the ministers in villages close to the Bulgarian border had no shoes (it’s mighty cold up there!). We collected 57 pairs of used shoes and Carl took them up soon after his arrival. I just happened to call him after he arrived and he said, “I’m by myself. Everyone left with a bag of shoes!” Soon, they were back, holding up their feet, showing Carl their thankfulness. Are prayers are that we can continue going into Romania, this year. Also, that the hearts of Christian leaders will change and they will send help into these villages.

Martin, and American that joined up with us several years ago after God touched him regarding healing and promises to those that believe, is doing well. He has been busy helping his wife’s uncle, who is running for President of Romania. His wife’s uncle is a Christian man, but does not understand walking in the spirit. However, his heart of compassion for the poor is awesome and the people love him very much.

Carl, Ed, Steve and Joe were all able to rest and sleep during this trip. We praise God for his faithfulness to hold us up and help us to continue standing and building His kingdom here on Earth.

Many people received healing: getting out of wheelchairs, seeing tumors disappear, and many entered the Kingdom. Praise God forever.

Carl and I are planning on being at Camp Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas, for the camp meeting in December.