June Newsletter 2014

God Bless each and every one of you in the precious name of Jesus Christ!

I thank all of you for your encouragement, for your stand with us, for your support and for your prayers.   It’s the Body working together and being thankful is how this ministry functions.  We don’t do fund raisers or have gimmicks.  We obey God to the best of our ability and reach out in love.

I pray you all are having a great summer.  It sure has been busy.  We still strive to help and reach children in Palomas, Mexico.  We are not a feeding program but we do bring food to be distributed among families.

Our brothers and sisters  in Liberia, West Africa are standing and fighting to keep E-bola from entering their camp.  But they keep praising God and reaching out to those who have need!  They are taking the children, who have never been anywhere, to other Christian churches to meet and play with other children.  Which I believe is very important.cabin 017

It is a blessing to see how people with so little help do so much!  How they learn to depend on God and not us!  How to be thankful…and they truly are thankful!  Those children pray for us every day and the people who help them…and I say “us”…which includes you all!!!

In Romania they have had an extremely hot summer, which I believe is normal!  Most people there do not have air conditioning.  The flats they live in (what we call apartments) do not have circulation because at least one wall is shared with their neighbor.  Just the little things like circulation is a great blessing!  I thank God for air conditioning!!

We are very blessed here in T or C as we are starting to get rain after waiting for nearly a year!  Thank you for your prayers!  We’ve got a long way to go to get caught up but we are thankful!  Now we have to get used to the humidity!!  But it’s needed if we are to have more rain!!!  Praise God!

On this earth NOTHING is perfect….except you and I and I’m not too sure about you!!  Ha! Ha!  But praise God we all have a perfect spirit!  Mankind had to wait a long time for this.  Spirit is what we need to let lead us.  In the Bible it’s called the Comforter and many other things but if we look to the Spirit of God to lead us and study ( 2 Tim 2:15) and we start depending on getting revelation from that spirit and check that revelation with the Word of God…which we study…we can walk through these storms which are on the horizon all around us.

The only peace we have is not because of a smile on our face but because we have Jesus Christ!  He is the Prince of Peace!  He’s my King!  And that makes Him the King of Peace!  If we continue to look for the day when we meet Him face to face…how much you think of this…how much you anticipate His return…you will receive a crown of righteousness ( 2 Tim 4:8).  Not just thinking about it because life is tough and it’s a way of escape…that’s not a reason.  But you anticipate His return because you love Him and long to be with Him!  Don’t be fooled!  The day is coming and I believe it is knocking on our door!  That’s why all the news of things going on in the world doesn’t frighten me.  It’s exciting!  It’s the coming of Our Lord!  And He’s not coming back as Sweet Jesus!  He’s coming back as King of Kings with a rod of iron ( Rev 19:15 ) to bring a curse on ungodliness and to greatly bless the godly!  Let’s continue to be godly!!

God Bless each and every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ!  I love you and pray for you and that is from all our staff too!

Carl Fox Founder and President of CFIM