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Keys to Answered Prayer “The Book by Carl Fox

In “Keys to Answered Prayer” Carl teaches us the nine keys to getting our prayers answered.
#1. Determine what you want
#2  Set your mind.
#3. Pray to the Father in Jesus’ name
#4  Put on the Word that gives you the promise.
#5. Meditate on the Word.
#6. Practice the Word.
#7. Hold on to the Promise.
#8. Let the Word be the front of your thoughts and actions.
#9. Give God the Glory.

Great Gift item at this price! Instead of spending $4 or $5 on a birthday card or other small item send/give people this book and change a life. Church groups buy 20 or more and hand them out at the mall or  during street  ministry as the Lord leads. Put this teaching into practice and share with others what God does in your life!

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