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Missions in Romania

2014 Spring Trip to Romania

Fred Goff, John Lambert, and Steve Roy accompanied Carl Fox on the trip to Romania April 13 to April 23, 2014. Events are highlighted in the following paragraphs:

April 30, 2014

God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ!

I love you and I thank you for your prayers, your encouragement and your support. I’ve worked on getting my “clock” back to mountain time as we just got back from Romania a few days ago. It rained every day except the first day and the last two days we were there! Once again, it was an amazing and successful trip. God is faithful to perform His Word when it is believed! Wherever we went, many, many people came for prayer and were healed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! One man in particular, who was in liver failure, was given a new liver! We watched as his complexion turned pink and his eyes turned from yellow to white! He was also healed of a tumor on his spine! All this happened on the first night we arrived! Even though we were tired from traveling over 24 hours to get there, it was an energetic reminder as to why we do what we do! Glory to God!

Throughout the upcoming days we saw many more miracles of healing and many people accepting the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time! The villages in Romania have more and more Christian youth and parents than I’ve ever seen before. Steve and John spent a lot of time in these villages with the children and their parents. The children love to act out stories from the Bible. It helps them remember what the Word teaches. We also handed out small amounts of oil, rice and sugar to about 90 different families. It seems to be such a small thing but to these lovely people, it makes a difference.

We also visited several other churches where we preached and ministered healing. I was able also to spend time with faithful believers and their families that I have known for a long time now.

One minister, who I have known for 20 years, has not only his children but also his grandchildren participating in the church service. God is faithful to His promises! Amen!

All in all, Romania continues to be fertile ground for the Body of Christ to grow! You are all a vital part of this outreach and I pray God to show you the beauty and value of your prayers and support for this work.

We are so blessed to continue to hear good reports from Liberia and that God continues moving forward in that country. I received several pictures from our minister there of the children eating food that your support helps to provide. Seeing these children with smiles and full tummies is a blessing beyond measure!

We continue to stand and see God working mightily in our lives. The love of God never fails! I am gratelul for all the great friends who are faIthful to God, to his Word and to the Lord Jesus Christ and who stand with me and with us. It is an exciting time to be alive!

God bless each and every one of you and your families. Please keep in touch. I love you. I pray for you.


2013 Spring Trip to Romania

4/23 Carl and Ed arrived in Bucharest, all luggage intact, praise God, Ed at about 2:00 PM and Carl at 4:30 PM. Martin Mallette and Nicky met Ed and we had a snack and visited outside under an umbrella at a cafe at the airport. The sun was shining and it was very nice. We watched Carl’s airplane land.

Sister Esther arrived and drove us to the one room apartment they had prepared for us. It is reminiscent of the chamber prepared for Elisha the prophet, 1 Kings 4:10, but better equipped, with chairs, a bath room, and kitchen cabinets. We went to bed about 9:00 PM and woke up at midnight. After a couple hours we went back to sleep and woke up in the morning feeling rested.

4/24 We visited a family Carl loves very much. This family meets during the week to pray and worship the Lord together. After they sang some hymns, they asked Carl if he had a word. Carl said he wanted to pray for a nephew who had cancer but needed to share some things about shame and how when we repent of sin and ask God’s forgiveness, He forgives us our sins and remembers them no more, so, when we are reminded of sins we have repented of, it is not God who is reminding us, but it is an attack from the devil. Carl told the parents and grandparents that this did not come on this young man because of their past sins, but it was an attack from Satan. He told the young man that if he truly believed that by Jesus’ stripes he was healed he would be healed. He then asked that someone who does calligraphy make a poster with 1 Peter 2:24 for the young man to have before his eyes. He asked him to repeat that verse again and again and for his relatives to do the same. After that many came up for prayer and Carl prayed for them all and spoke words of repentance and encouragement. The lady of the house told Carl later that the words he spoke over each one of them were true and good words for each.

After reading the above account she said “you must include more about the many miracles that happened in my house” and wrote the following: “-Every wednesday and friday my husband’s family fasts and prays together. We are around 20 people (just the adults). The eldest brother has a son (his eldest, too) that HAD a very rare and killing disease. The doctors told the parents that he was going to die since he was 5 years old. He is now 23! Brother Carl prayed for him every year and he lived. Even when his own family bought a grave for him. His blood vessels grow inside and outside his body forming some tumors that gather looking like a cauliflower. Last years they grew in his knee and the only thing the doctors could do was to amputate it, from the hip. The doctors from Romania said they couldn’t do anything to help him, so he was treated in Austria.

“Two weeks ago, the tumors smashed into his throat and he was almost dead. They went to Austria and prepared him for the surgery. The thing that brother Carl didn’t know, but The Holy Spirit did, was that the morning the surgery should have taken place, the doctor changed his mind and said it was too risky. They sent him home and arrived just the day brothers Carl and Ed arrived in Romania. And brother Carl said: ‘The devil wanted to kill you the days before, but God wanted you to live and sent angels to protect you!,’ and although his mom was sorry they didn’t operate on him, we understood that the surgery would have killed him.

“They prayed for him at that gathering, brother Carl rebuked the family for not having faith asking those who didn’t believe to leave the room, and after praying for him he said that he was already healed. AMIN! He is so much better now. The young man that was almost dead now eats/walks/talks a.s.o.

“-There was another young man, father of 5 children who suffered for years of problems with his colon. Because of the too much bleedings and stools with blood, and the doctors in Austria couldn’t diagnose/help him, he had a depression for some time, but now he was struggling to defeat it. And brother Carl prayed for him and said: ‘It was something bad going on with this man that has dissappeared.!’ His kids were crying…everyone was happy! But br. Carl had a solution: he had to drink 3 big bottles of water every day for 7 days, so his glands would be cleansed and his body eliminate all the toxins. He started to do that. I just spoke to his wife and she told me that he was already better and by the time the 7 days pass – they truly believe that God will honor their faith!

“-He also prayed for a woman who at the age of 47 became a widow and she had 13 children! The youngest was only 5. Br. Carl didn’t know her, but he told her that she was a woman of faith, and her prayers saved the life of her children. And this is true. We, those who knew that, were amazed how the Holy Spirit showed him that asset of hers.”

[Comment: It is a wonderful blessing to have these testimonies. Many believe Carl knows too much about them because of the words God gives him. Some wish he would die so he cannot expose them. This is not true! God gives Carl the words so the people can believe it is God who is speaking to them, receive the words He sent, and be healed. These testimonies show that we, who minister or witness the ministering, do not know the half of it. God gives the words for the people to heal them because He loves them. We who experience about a miracle a month or less can remember them a long time, whoever experiences less than one miracle a year can remember them forever, but those who experience 10 or 20 in a day cannot remember them at the end of the day. Let us pray to reach the point that we cannot remember the first miracle we did today, before breakfast! Amen?]

In the evening Carl preached at Brother Costel’s church. The message was about how Jesus came as the second Adam [1 Corinthians 15:45-49], He came as a man [1 Corinthians 15:47], in the flesh [1 John 4:2-3], and those who believe on Him, the works He did, we can do also, and greater works than these, we can do, because He went to the Father, John 14:12, and whatsoever we ask in His name, that will He do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son, John 14:13, If we ask anything in His name, He will do it, John 14:14, but we must give all the glory to God, John 14:13. With many words, Carl exhorted them to walk out in faith and minister to people. Carl was too tired to pray for each individually, so he prayed a corporate prayer for them. People started to come up for individual prayer, so Brother Costel prayed for them and Brother Martin took us home. Praise God for His goodness and that His perfect will be done, that more and more Romanians do the works that Jesus did and greater works than these, because He went to the Father and sent the holy spirit to teach us and remind us of the things that Jesus taught! Amen!

4/25 We rested most of the day, Thursday. our hostess had a number of people with needs for prayer to the apartment building where we are staying. There is a kitchen and living room/dining room area in the daylight basement. Carl ministered in the living room area. They all received healings and/or counsel according to their needs.

Our hostess added: “We knew that brother Carl and Ed were tired because of the very long trip and of the time zone, so we told about his visit only to those who needed healing and also had faith. There were 3 women who came: mother of 7, mother of 15 and mother of 17 children. The oldest was 55 years old. They married at very young ages, had the kids and they worked very hard, so by the age of 50, they looked older and felt worse. All of them were diagnosed with tumors, but only one knew for sure it was cancer. That day she came back from Austria from her first chemo therapy session.

“Brother Carl prayed. We didn’t tell him anything about them, but when he touched the first lady, he prayed so that the lumps in her thyroid gland dry so she could breathe and have rest during the nights. But that was not all! Brother Carl prayed for her and asked from God peace over her family, because he said it lacked and that her family accused her of their failure. ‘Who told him about us? Did you?’ the woman’s husband asked. I was the translator, but I didn’t know about that, in fact we all didn’t know that there is a fight in that family, so all of us were amazed about the power that was revealing to ourselves.

“The second woman was a prophet. A great woman of God, with marks on her knees from all the years spent praying. She needed healing, too, but brother Carl didn’t have a word from God about that! There were people from her husband’s family who despised her and didn’t trust her gift was real. GOD KNEW that and wanted to comfort her. He told her that she shouldn’t worry that people don’t accept her prophecy. It was not her job to make them believe it! It was her job to tell them the words God gave her for them! She started to cry and thank Him.”

4:26 We were served breakfast in the dining area of the apartment where we are staying. After breakfast, our hostess had people come for ministery in the living room area beginning with her son and his friend, who have known Carl since they were children. Again, all received healings and/or counsel according to their needs.

In the evening we went to Jon Calin’s church in Bucharest. After several sets of music played by Jon, some of his children, and a professional musician who played an electric violin. After that, a pastor we ordained at Glina about a year ago preached a wonderful message. After that, they played another set of music and Jon had Sylvia sing a song. (Sylvia paid a high price for her salvation years ago. She was a well known opera singer but was fired and ostracized after she gave witness of her salvation.) After that, Jon asked Ed to share a word. Ed spoke a blessing over the congregation and told them he believed and prayed that this congregation would continue until all the gentiles are brought in. He shared that he thinks he has it on the word of Daniel and Jesus that the end of the age will not occur in less than 3 1/2 years, because we have not yet seen the beast stand in the temple mount and declare himself to be God [Daniel 12:1, 6-7, 10-12; Matthew 24:13-15; Revelation 13:2, 5-6]. The worship team played another number and Jon asked Brother Martin to share a word. Brother Martin shared his testimony about how a week after he got involved with some charismatics, spoke in tongues, and got kicked out of the church he was in, he met Carl and Ed. He asked them if they spoke in tongues and they said yes, and the other manifestations of the holy spirit. After seeing Carl demonstrate John 14:12, Brother Martin has been working with him ever since. After having Brother Martin sing a song, Brother Jon asked Carl to teach. Carl said on this trip, two people came to him and told him they had come to the Lord because Sylvia had witnessed to them in hospitals. He delivered the message with even more elaboration about Jesus coming as the second Adam and we can do the works He did and greater works in the power of His resurrection because He went to the Father and sent the holy spirit which abides in us. The message was received with tears of joy and love.

4:27 We went to Brother Martin’s Bible school at 10:30 AM. He had about 12 students, mostly from the villages on the delta of the Danube. Martin introduced the program he was beginning that day in that meeting. He has caught the vision Carl has been trying since the beginning to get initiated in Romania. That vision is for the church to meet in small groups in homes, love one another, pray together, do outreach by demonstrating the power of the holy spirit (John 14:12), and when the house fills up, look among the brothers (or sisters) to see who among them is hearing and doing the message the best and form a new home group around that leader, instead of fighting among yourselves about who is going to be the big chief. This was a great message that should have been recorded. Ed shared that he had traveled with Carl 17 or 18 years and it was Carl who taught him the meaning of John 14:12, not by telling him the meaning of that verse but by showing him the meaning of John 14:12. Carl explained that Vasily, who started the work on the delta died of a broken heart because of the bickering and fighting that was going on out there at the time. He shared that he was probably the last person to talk with him before he died and Vasily told him he had forgiven everyone that was involved. Carl expressed his approval of Brother Martin’s plan and explained that it was what he had been trying to initiate since the beginning and the approach he used in America years ago. He said the devil uses the idea that the church needs buildings to slow the growth of the church. He stressed the need to look among the brothers and sisters and choose those best equipped to lead new home groups. He said that permits rapid growth because as new people come, it is possible to double the numbers quickly and often.

In the afternoon, Carl went to the house of our hostess to minister to the people she knew needed prayer. People were healed of many conditions, which she knew about because she had invited them to receive prayer. People were delivered of heart problems, breathing problems, back problems, depression, fear, a kidney problem, and 10 or more people were delivered of cancer. She said there were so many miracles in her house and she is like the four who opened the roof of the house and let the lame man down on ropes to be healed by Jesus.

She added the following: “Brother Carl prayed for some other women in my house. One of them had leukemia for some years. Her husband is a leader in the church and a man who prays. Both of them are orphans, no help from any brother/sister, no job…The treatment is very expensive and he was crying for help from God. And God heard his child, and sent brother Carl. And when he prayed for her, he commanded in the name of Jesus Christ, healing in her body. They were all crying and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit working over there, right under our nose. None of us could open the eyes because of that powerful presence. She was healed. She confessed with her mouth. But that was only the beginning of a unforgettable afternoon.

“Soon arrived our pastor’s mother in law. Last fall brother Carl visited our church and he was asked to pay a visit to this lady’s house because she fell down and broke her ribs. When we got there, she began to praise the Lord and speak in tongues. Brother Carl and sister Sheila prayed for her and, although he knew he came to pray for her broken ribs, he said, ‘cancer, get out of her body and every cancer cell die, in the name of Jesus Christ!” and he whispered to me that that was what he felt.. Everyone was amazed! And she said: ‘I was in great pain and asked for His comfort, and I had a dream that a man coming from far away entered my house, anointed me and prayed for me and after that he told me that I was healed. When I saw this brother entering my house, I realized that he was the one in my dream – that’s why I couldn’t speak to you, but in tongues!’ .Brother Carl and sister Sheila had never ever seen her before and came to pray for a woman who fell down, not for cancer. What happenned? A short time ago she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and the doctors amputated her breast. But because she had the surgery in Austria and it was very expensive, she didn’t have chemo therapy afterwards. The Holy Spirit knew that the cancer was still there, but also God wanted her healthy, so he sent His child from the other side of the Planet to do that! Praise the Lord! She was healed and now she came to testify that the doctors sent her to [get] blood tests and all of them showed that she was cancer-free. Alleluia!.

“There was another woman who came. She is the only one in Romania who works for 20 years with the women in prisons. She is dedicated to them. Her mother died 2 months ago, her 46 year old brother died 2 weeks ago (cancer) and the doctors sent her home for [the 3rd time] because they couldn’t operate on her. Cancer was too advanced. We didn’t tell any of this to brother Carl. She said: ‘I had for a very long time in my heels something like nails. They were burning me and I couldn’t walk anymore. I heard about brother Carl, I came to meet him and after he prayed for me, I felt something burning hot in my heels. And it lasted for weeks. When the burn ceased, I could walk as a healthy woman. So, now that I heard he was gonna come again to Romania, I said that I have to meet him again. I have asked Lord to keep me alive and help me get here. Because I know for sure that I am going to be healed!’ She was looking like a normal lady. Only we who knew her well saw that she had lost weight. Brother Carl anointed her and looked at me and said, ‘Cancer, right?’  There were people in that room who met brother Carl for the first time, so they wanted to see with their own eyes the miracles that God made through him. When they saw that the Holy Spirit revealed that diagnostic, too, all of us burst into tears. She was healed. She believes that. Praise the Lord!

“The last woman wanted Brother Carl to pray for her 2 children: one with back ache and one with a little paresis of his hand. Brother Carl asked: ‘What about your husband?’ she said that he was ok. Only a back pain from time to time. Brother Carl said ‘That’s why I asked you. The problems came through his blood line. It’s a curse coming from his family. You have to go home and pray with your husband and repent for your ancesters.’ She said that she had including a genetic test to her son and it showed nothing and they didn’t know what to do anymore and what brother Carl said had logic: her mother in law, an old gypsy woman who lives in the country, curses her sons when they don’t give her enough money. Brother Carl said that that was the cause of her children’s problem.”

4/28 In the morning we spent a good deal of time resting. In the evening we taught at the church where Esther attends. Brother Martin sang a song. Nicky began singing. He has a good strong baritone voice. Martin was accompanying him on the guitar. After the first few verses, Brother Martin began to sing harmony with Nicky, softly at first and increasing his volume until his was the dominant voice and he finished the song. Ed shared a testimony about science and Christianity. Carl gave a powerful word about what we have in Christ and what Jesus paid that we could exercise the power of His resurrection. Jesus gave up everything and walked on this earth as a man, setting the standard that we can follow His example and do the works He did, and greater works than these, as we are men, but because we have Christ in us, we can exercise the power of His resurrection. After that the congregation prayed for Carl. He rested well that night and the next morning was feeling good but needs to rebuild his strength, lost due to inactivity.

4/29 This morning a young couple came to the living room/dining room area of the apartment to receive blessings on their marriage. Carl instructed them concerning their proper roles in the marriage. He told them that the man is the head of the family and the wife should not try to control him, but obey and pray for him, not fight with him, and even if he is wrong, God can make things work out so they are blessed. He told the husband that he must love his wife and listen to her councel. He admonished each of them to not use sex to control the other. He told the wife that it is her job to teach the husband how to love, and he told the husband it is his job to teach the wife how to make wise decisions. She had been unable to get pregnant. Carl removed a curse from her womb and instructed them to not try to have a baby but enjoy each other and the babies will come.

4/30 Brother Martin phoned us at 3:00 AM so we could get ready for the trip home. He took us to the airport. When Ed’s plane landed in Seattle, his cell phone battery was so low it would not opeerate. When Norma picked him up, he put it on the car charger and forgot it. He remembered it at 9:00 PM and saw a missed call from Carl. From the time of the call, he knew Carl was on the ground, state-side.


Spring 2013 Trip to Romania

Carl Fox and Ed Johnson will be travelling to Romania April 22, 2013. Please pray that the Lord is guiding their steps during preparation and execution of this trip, that the Lord’s will is accomplished, safety for their families, and blessings and no backlash to those who are interceding in this endeavor.

Fall 2012 Trip to Romania

September 30, 2012

God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ!

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement and support. We had a wonderful trip to Romania. It was great to have Sheila with me and good and faithful Steve Roy. We are thankful for the wonderful things that came to pass.

People in Romania are resilient! There are always things coming up in their lives, too! Sometimes they’re pretty intense because they seem to be living right on the edge. But one thing that is really true in 3rd world countries is that they are not so addicted to the medical profession, pills and doctors as we are here in America. The’ve learned that National Health Plans are a joke! We have yet to learn that. Over there they have FREE Healthcare. But if you have something serious…cancer…heart problems…you have to be put on a waiting list for treatment. And if it’s real urgent….life or death…the schedule can be changed but it takes money! And this is true in many countries. So when these people find out that God heals it’s not an intellectual journey on believing and faith and playing on words and magic shows. They need healing and they need it now!

We saw many cancers healed. I think of one lady that has been a strong Christian since childhood but had been taught many things that held her back. “Well maybe God will heal me.” “IF it’s God’s will.” “IF God loves me enough.” And all the excuses like, “If it’s my time to go.” She had been through all of them with God. Well, God had given her a dream that a man was going to come from far away and she would be healed. And, Glory to God, we prayed and in the name of Jesus Christ she was healed! She had been bedridden for some time but the next night she went to church and declared God had healed her in the name of Jesus Christ! And that’s just one instance.

It seems that ministries over there still want to be like American ministries….singing and praising the Lord and having funerals. But God’s people are not buying it. They are crying out to God! And when and if we do that, God hears us and He will answer our prayers if we believe!

But all our ministries there are moving forward. They continue to evangelize in the villages and bring people to the Lord. And they just keep adding churches! Not because they have a “church-planting-plan.” But because it’s necessary! I pray that day will happen here in the U.S. When it becomes NECESSARY to trust God it seems like we do better. But when things are going along well, we tend to trust other things. I’m not saying healthcare is a bad thing. I’m just saying…”Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33) And those things that are added are the things we need to give God the glory for!

I thank God for your love for Him and the determination to continue to stand and grow. We love it! And God and our Lord Jesus Christ really love it!

God Bless you all! I love you and appreciate you and pray for you. And we do not take your support lightly! We continue to do the best we can to make sure that some of the best places to sow seed in this world are right here through CFIM. And your faithfulness is all a part of God’s plan.

God Bless you! I love you and I pray for you! In fact, we all do!

Carl and Staff

Trip to Romania

Carl and Sheila will be joined by Steve Roy on a trip to Romania on the 10th of September 2012.

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Spring trip to Romania 2010

The Team: Carl, Lee, and Fred (the writer).

Romania Mission 2010Romania Mission 2010

Friday April 16

Our first full day here, we arrived yesterday after about 30 hours of traveling and sitting in airports. We got a wonderful nights rest and spent the morning fellowshipping with our hosts and preparing for the day.

One of our host’s adult children came over for lunch and prayer. After sharing a nice meal we prayed for there to be healing and God was faithful. There was numbness in her legs along with some other things and God healed and delivered her from the bondage that was attacking her body. And of course, there were tears all around as these folks are not only believers but dear friends also.

We rested for a bit and then were taken to a house across town where we had dinner. As we ate the home filled with friends and family who were invited to come and hear God’s word and get healing or blessings for their families.

After we ate there were introductions to all the folks there (around 35 people) and I was hoping that we would not be quizzed afterwards as they were all intertwined as family or friends. Then Lee and I each spoke before we did some group singing. Carl taught for a short while and then we began to minister.

First there were three individuals who came up for their backs to be healed, and they were. Then as we got going we began to minister to family groups. We ministered healing and deliverance to each family and called out God’s blessings on each member of each family. As it says in the book of Acts “many were headed of divers diseases”. As the night went on there were several of the young people there that had their gift ministry identified. This allowed the family to keep them in their prayers and that they could begin to believe God to see how they will serve in the body of Christ. We saw thyroids and pancreases healed, as well as hearts and lungs. There were curses and soul ties broken as well as broken hearts and minds restored. Two of the teenage girls felt God calling them to be missionaries in other countries. There was a group of young men that we encouraged to get together daily and pray and watch out for each other. We started around 7pm and ended near midnight. The evening ended with a call for everyone to continue in prayer for each other. Even as we were leaving there were several that wanted one more thing prayed for and of course we did not turn anyone down.

Even though the day seemed to have a slow start, it was not long before the spirit of God was at work bringing healing and blessings in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

Romania Mission 2010Romania Mission 2010

Saturday April 17th

We had a morning to pray and prepare for the day and then a nice lunch with the family we are staying with. In the late afternoon we went to a church on the far side of Bucharest. Lee and I each taught for a while and then Carl. At the end of his teaching Carl had some congregational prayer where many were healed of all kinds of ailments. Before we left, the pastor whose church we were at asked if we could lay hands on some of his family to minister healing to them, which of course we were more than happy to do.

It seems the theme of the teachings so far has been that it is time to believe God’s word. See the word of God come to pass, stand up and have no doubt that you can do the works of Jesus; you are “as he is”. We must continue to develop our relationship with the Lord, and let him lead us day by day.

It is always a time of battery recharging for me on these trips, to leave all the day to day things of life and work at home and minister the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ all day every day. Laying hands on people and seeing signs, miracles, and wonders of healing and deliverance throughout each day bringing glory to God the father is such a joy for us.

Romania Mission 2010Romania Mission 2010

Sunday April 18th

Lee went to church this morning with two of the daughters of the house while Carl and I went to a church that at one time was the only place here in Bucharest where you could go and get healing. Thank God now there are churches all around where the power of God is manifested.

Carl spoke for a few minutes and then I taught for 30 minutes on the need to believe God’s word because it is true and not a lie. We left after we spoke as we had another meeting to attend before lunch.

A husband and wife team of ministers that we went to the church with met with us before they had to leave for out of town ministering planned around the country this week. They have worked with Carl in Romania for many years and wanted to spend time with Carl before they left. These are tremendous believers and ministers and it is always very humbling for me to be in their presence. I always feel like once I have gotten to spend time with them that I have gotten my money’s worth and can go home now. They love the Lord so much and have devoted themselves to serving him; it just rubs off on you and you can’t help but feel blessed after having been with them.

In the evening we went to a church about a mile from where we are staying. Lee and I each spoke God’s word, then more music before Carl taught God’s word which ended with a call to come forward and be saved. There were around 8 people who asked Jesus to come into their hearts and who received eternal life this night.

There were around 85 people there and many came forward for prayer. Carl, Lee, and I each had an interpreter and so we were able to minister to all those who asked for prayer in a reasonable amount of time. We arrived home blessed and thankful and giving glory to God for all the mighty works that He has been doing on the trip thus far.

Romania Mission 2010Romania Mission 2010

Monday April 19

We went this morning to a local minister’s home to pray for his family and get a report from him about what is going on with the churches he is helping with. Three family members receiving prayer were healed and the minister himself also was healed before we left.

Monday afternoon we took care of some personal errands and when we returned home we received a call to go to the hospital. A family member of a woman in the hospital wanted us to pray for her sister, about whom the doctors said, “call your priest she is going to die.” The doctors wanted to turn off the machines keeping her alive as she was in a coma and spitting up her liver. We prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ to be healed and to choose to live. As we were leaving, they turned the machines off and the Lord revealed she was at the crossroads and had to choose to live or die.

Monday evening was spent in preparation for a conference of ministers that was to take place Tuesday morning and afternoon.

Romania Mission 2010Romania Mission 2010

Tuesday April 20

This morning we went to a church building across town from where we are staying to present God’s word to a group of ministers from around the local and out lying areas. Some business was handled first then Carl taught from Timothy on what God’s word says about how a minister is supposed to act and think. He also covered who is qualified to be a leader according to the scriptures.

After a short break I taught for a couple of hours on who we are in Christ and how each one of us who is saved can walk in power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ. When I finished we all had late lunch together and wonderful fellowship with each other. The afternoon concluded with a registration for those who wanted to sign up for a class on the Bible for ministers.

As I am typing this Carl came in and told me the lady we prayed for in the hospital is sitting up and visiting with relatives. She chose to live and was healed by the power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ. Give glory to God the Father who has given such gifts to men.

Romania Mission 2010Romania Mission 2010

Wednesday April 21

We had a quiet morning and the weather was nice so we sat outside and read our Bibles in the warm sun. After lunch some local Christians stopped by to visit and soon after that we left for a gypsy village near the Bulgarian border. There were around 24 children there that the pastor’s daughter is working with, they sang some children’s songs about Jesus and then several stood and recited bible verses. It’s really amazing as many of the adults in this church can not even read. I shared God’s word first and then Carl. As he was teaching a man who was paralyzed on one side of his body stood to be saved and then we ministered to him. In the end he not only received eternal life but also his body was healed in the name of Jesus Christ. He walked around the room and also raised his right arm and shook our hand and was able to speak clearly. Others were born again and many were prayed for and healed in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ.

Even though one of our team did not make it because of the volcano and I had to leave early (I left early Thursday morning and Carl and Lee stayed until Tuesday the 27th) God’s word was not hindered and miracles were manifested day after day. It may sound like a broken record but it really happened over and over. We prayed, we believed, and God brought to pass the healing and deliverance in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. As I have mentioned before when I have traveled with Carl on these trips, we are thankful for all the prayers and financial support. We could not do it without both and remember you get rewarded just as if you went with us. There is no greater joy than to be able to serve God and the Lord Jesus Christ with you. May the great God in heaven bless you and keep you in Jesus Christ’s name.

Romania Mission 2010

Romania update October 2009

We covet your prayers and are so thankful for your faithfulness to stand with us in this hour. Our numbers may be small, but we know “even for one righteous man” still holds true.

The trip into Romania was reconciliation for many that had hardened their hearts to each other. Some had been lead away by false ministers; others were in competition for the “praises of man.”

The battle for souls still rages in Joan Colin (a Gypsy evangelist based in Bucharest). Gabby Lucka is now the President of the Gypsies throughout all Europe and their official representative in the EU. She is also like Frank Sinatra, known throughout for her voice. She will only sing gospel songs and stands against abortion and homosexuality. She has sold her villa and moved in with daughter Ester.

Carl went to minister healing to her and many other people were healed. Many others came back because they had never experienced God’s power. There was much good repentance. If God so leads you, please pray for Gabby and Ester. Her sons (heads of the Pentecostal church) do not believe she is healed.

The work in the gypsy villages with children has seen much growth. Man, many children are learning to read using the Bible and the Ten Commandments. Steve Roy is like a Pied Piper in his work with the children. Ellie Wilson was not able to come along on this trip.

Several days before Carl left, we got notice that the ministers in villages close to the Bulgarian border had no shoes (it’s mighty cold up there!). We collected 57 pairs of used shoes and Carl took them up soon after his arrival. I just happened to call him after he arrived and he said, “I’m by myself. Everyone left with a bag of shoes!” Soon, they were back, holding up their feet, showing Carl their thankfulness. Are prayers are that we can continue going into Romania, this year. Also, that the hearts of Christian leaders will change and they will send help into these villages.

Martin, and American that joined up with us several years ago after God touched him regarding healing and promises to those that believe, is doing well. He has been busy helping his wife’s uncle, who is running for President of Romania. His wife’s uncle is a Christian man, but does not understand walking in the spirit. However, his heart of compassion for the poor is awesome and the people love him very much.

Carl, Ed, Steve and Joe were all able to rest and sleep during this trip. We praise God for his faithfulness to hold us up and help us to continue standing and building His kingdom here on Earth.

Many people received healing: getting out of wheelchairs, seeing tumors disappear, and many entered the Kingdom. Praise God forever.

Carl and I are planning on being at Camp Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas, for the camp meeting in December.


Romania Mission Report October 2007

Praise God for many answered prayers during Carl Fox’s October 07 Mission Trip to Romania. This trip was done differently then many of the previous trips. It was a shorter trip with specific design to it without Carl taking a large ministry team with him. It was a managerial trip with Carl himself visiting many of the ministries supported by Christian Faith International Ministries. Carl saw first hand how some of the challenges that have occurred for the ministries since the European Union has taken over are being met. We are glad to report that the ministries we support there are functioning well and continue to spread the Word of God among the people, bringing salvation, healing and deliverance to those in need and feeding widows and orphans. Carl held a teaching seminar for about 30 gypsy ministers in the Delta region which last year was devastated by floods. This is a region where CFIM sent an emergency supply of food when children were starving. Carl taught on faith and healing as well as some fundamentals of forgiveness and letting go of prejudice (which is too often found within the Body of Christ) and on unity (which is not unity of doctrine). He taught on the position we need to have and that is under the head and the head is Jesus Christ, not a man and on the importance of giving God the Glory. These gypsy ministers are on Fire for the Lord and this group baptized approximately 800 new Christians the month prior to Carl’s coming. They are moving the Word through the region. There was of course individual prayer for people and healing and deliverance at various locations during his stay there. At one location, the wife of a Greek Orthodox Priest (a denomination which in that country does not believe in healing being for today) had Parkinson’s disease. They did accept prayer and she was healed from this “incurable” illness. This was a breakthrough for them to accept prayer for this. There were many healed and families restored and lives changed and many born again. In Carl’s words after he got home “I glorify God for these things and that is only a pinch because things happen so fast if I don’t have someone along keeping track of it I never know most of it, because when people start getting healed they come out of the woodwork, they come off the streets. Unfortunately, there is a lot of religion but not much Jesus. Anyway, I thank all of you for your support. I don’t know what I’d do without the prayers. There were times that I just knew, it was like I would be bone tired and all of a sudden a whoop, and I’m ready to go and it was because of prayer!! And the people in Romania love you all. There are so many people who say go back and tell the church ‘we love them’, ‘we pray for them everyday’ and they are praying for us everyday. They have learned, because they have listened to me long to enough to know, we are the church (the people, not the buildings).”

God Bless all of you who support this work with prayer and financially in Jesus Christ Name!


Romania Mission Report April/May 2007

Please Pray for the mission team on their trip to Romania April 26th – May 10th 2007. Accompanying Carl Fox on this trip are Lee Camacho, Ed Johnson and Fred Goff. Please pray for their safety and their work in Romania along with the ministers in Romania working to bring God’s Word, salvation, healing and deliverance to many in need in that country. Please keep the family members of the team lifted up in prayer also! God Bless all of you who pray for this work in the Name of Jesus Christ!


God bless you all in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, and thank you for your prayers!

The Romanian team for April – May ’07 – Carl, Ed, Lee, and me (Fred)


April 26th – 28th

Carl, Lee, and I met at the airport in Houston and flew to Bucharest via Paris. Satan tried hard to keep us from arriving here but was unable to keep us away. We arrived later than expected and tired but thankful to our God for arriving safe and we were refreshed by the greeting of believers who love the lord and us. We had a nice visit on the long drive from the airport and stayed up a short time and went to bed around 9 pm local time here. After 6 hours of sleep we were all up between 3 and 4 am. We visited and caught up with each other while sharing God’s word for about 4 hours. We had some breakfast and then met with a pastor who had come to see us from a village about 1 1/2 hour drive south. Word was out that Carl had arrived and people were arriving to see him and try to schedule time with us. We had a short nap before noon and when we got up Carl and I went with a woman to her home to minister to her daughter who is 26.

The daughter when she was younger had received free from a pharmacy prescription diet pills (speed) and had become addicted to them. Then the pharmacy then requires the girls to perform sex acts with men to keep getting the drugs. This has been going on here for some time now. After a nice lunch with the family Carl spoke with the girl about the spiritual causes of addiction and how the devil wants to destroy us and there is help from God through Jesus Christ if she wanted it. She asked Carl to pray for her, and he did. There were spirits of fear, rejection, rebellion, and others cast out. Curses were broken off of her life and then the physical healing began. By the time it was all over her back, breathing, digestive track and many other things were healed on the spot. She could bend over and twist which she had not been able to do for years. Also she asked if we heard the spirits leave because they made such a noise when they left. We did not hear them go as she had but she spoke of how all the heaviness was gone and there were many tears of joy from us all for the healing and deliverance that was brought to pass in the name of the lord Jesus Christ.

Ed and Lee had gone with John to street evangelize. They went to a street with two apartment buildings and John went door to door asking for someone to plug in his cord so they could have a portable pa and music. Jesus was preached and those who wanted to be saved received eternal life. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift.

We ended Saturday with a meal and then a final planning meeting with a local man before we went to bed.


Sunday April 29th

Carl and Ed went to the church 1 1/2 hours south and taught God’s word and ministered healing and deliverance. It was a small group but a wonderful fellowship and everyone was blessed just the same. They arrived back around 4:30pm.

Lee and I went to a church here in town around 10am and shared God’s word and were then taken to another church where they were just about done with their service but they asked us to please share. Lee spoke them I spoke to them regarding keeping Jesus as lord in our lives day by day and moment by moment.

After some lunch and then visiting with Carl and Ed we had a short nap and off to John’s church where they were doing a communion service. They asked all 4 of us to teach but we persuaded them that one was enough. Carl taught and then communion and then people wanted individual pray and ministering. Carl prayed for people with an interpreter while Ed, Lee, and I prayed for people with out one. As God has no language barriers He was faithful to bring healing and deliverance to all even if they did not understand what the prayers were.

All who are saved or born again, whatever you want to call it, have Christ in them and can do the works that he did. It is up to us to operate the power that God gave us. When you read in the gospels and book of Acts, all whom came and asked got healing and/or deliverance. I am thankful to be here with faithful men who believe God and want to bless all of God’s people.


Monday April 30th

In the morning we met with a local minister to try and help with some problems in the area. That afternoon – evening Carl and Lee went to a small church and after teaching God’s word a woman who had been in a wheelchair 3 1/2 years and had a paralyzed arm ask for prayer and ended up walking around the room several times and lifting both arms up to the heavens and praising God for her healing.

Ed and I went with Martin to a Gypsy town about an hour outside of Bucharest. The town is about 80% Christian and there are no bars or local police because the people love God and the lord Jesus Christ and there is almost no crime. Ed, Martin, and I taught from God’s word and everyone was very blessed. As we were leaving Ed, Martin and I left some money for a widow who had 10 children. We would have liked to help more but were thankful we had some to give.


Tuesday May 1st

May 1st is a national holiday and we were invited by the church that our host family attends to a picnic in the park with their youth group. Carl, Ed, and I met with Sylvia an English teacher who now has taken over the street ministry work that Roxanna used to do. We met a mall in Bucharest and even had a Starbucks coffee (this was a big treat for us) while we visited.

Afterward we stopped by the house and picked up some supplies for the picnic and off to a park by a lake. It was nice to see the young people having fun playing games and fellowshipping with each other. Then we sang songs and gave praise and glory to God in the name of Jesus Christ. They asked Carl to teach and instead he asked them if they had any questions. The questions were honest and good. It was great to see them hungering and thirsting for the truth.


Wednesday May 2nd

Costel and Christine arrived with their son from a surrounding village. These folks love the lord so much and their service is such that I don’t feel worthy to be in their presence. Just them coming into the room files it with the love of God. We had a wonderful visit and while they were here they ask Carl to pray for their son and Carl ask him did he want prayer. He said yes, yes and so as Carl prayed his side quit hurting and his health was restored.

In the evening we went to the new house our host family is building where the church room is already completed. Carl, Ed, Lee, and I, all shared God’s word. Lee, then Ed, then me, and Carl last. The scriptures naturally built one upon another and built on the principle of believing God’s word and seeing God bring His word to pass. As Carl finished teaching he did quite a bit of group prayer and many were healed. There were a few who then asked for individual prayer and of course God was faithful to answer those prayers also.


Thursday May 3

We went in the morning to a man who was prayed for the night before to see if there was anything else we could do for him. He had been electrocuted 3 1/2 years ago and it affected his legs and teeth and one arm to the end he was not able to work and didn’t walk very well. He was able to walk much better than he had been walking before Carl prayed for him. Nearly all the time we were there we tried to get him to confess his healing and not to let the devil steal it away by convincing him that he was not healed. Many times when God heals us, the devil will come right along afterward and say “You’re not healed”. A week later (or a minute later) we might feel that same pain that we had before the healing and then we have to choose what we are going to confess and believe. Do we confess that we are healed in the name of Jesus Christ and cast the symptoms away in his name or do we say “Oh, I guess I didn’t get healed after all”, and lose our healing? The choice is always up to us. We blessed him in the name of Jesus Christ and reminded him that Jesus said he will never leave us or forsake us and to hold on to his healing.

In the afternoon Carl and I went with a local believer to her home near the downtown area where she showed us the progress she has made on the remodeling of her flat. There were some neighbors she wanted us to meet. There was one older Gypsy woman who wanted to be saved so I had her repeat a prayer after me and as we prayed she received eternal life. Carl had already prayed for her, so she got doubly blessed, eternal life and healing. The other friend was a young mother. I ministered to her where curses were broken and healing was received. She also asked me to pray for her son who was around a year old. The older woman also asked Carl to pray for her grandson who had been dropped on his head and was having some ongoing problems from that. The grandmother asked to go to church with us that evening and so we arranged for her and her 2 grandchildren to go to Glina with us.

In the evening Carl went to a youth group meeting and was very blessed with the fellowship and the eagerness of the youth to learn God’s word. He was beaming when he arrived home around 10:30pm.

Ed, Lee, and I went to Glina to a church to share God’s word and minister. We all shared God’s word and then they had communion. Afterward Ed ministered to several adults and a hand full of children.


Friday May 4

Ed and Lee went to Daniel’s church and shared God’s word and had a nice time of fellowship. Ed taught about how God first spoke the Ten Commandments and the people didn’t like it and asked Moses to tell God to just talk to him. God has always wanted to have fellowship and communication with His people, and Ed encouraged the people to receive from their heavenly father what he has for them. One young man came up afterward and wanted to be prayed for so that he could hear from God. God says those that hunger and thirst shall be filled. May we always have a heart that hungers for the things of God.

Carl and I went to a local church and they spent half of the time singing songs and talking and told us we had to be done by 8pm. After we taught Carl did group prayer for the church because they wanted us to be done by 8pm. I prayed that those who would believe for healing would get to us and a few did and God was faithful as always and brought healing and deliverance to pass in the name of Jesus Christ.


Saturday May 5

We spent the day with our host family having a cookout and picnic in their yard. All the children and some of their friends were there and it was a nice relaxing day.

In the evening Carl and I went to Virgil’s church where we both taught. Afterwards we both ministered. I had an interpreter and Carl did not, but as we have done on many occasions before God was healing and delivering regardless if people understood or not. When we pray for people in faith and they believe in faith God brings the answers. I have not documented every healing or miracle here as it would be too much to read. At first I thought it would seem like bragging, but as I thought more about it, I don’t mind bragging on Jesus Christ whose servants we are, or on our God who has blessed us and given us the ability to walk in His power. All the glory goes to God; it is His word, His people, His work, and He allows us to serve when we choose to be obedient.


Sunday May 6

Ed and Lee went to a village just outside of Bucharest and both taught God’s word and blessed the people. Then in the evening, they went to a church service and celebration for the recognition of some local minister’s service. Carl and I were able to arrive in time for the banquet meal that followed and enjoyed the fellowship of the people and getting to see many old and new friends. There was a woman who stopped Carl on the way in that was at the fellowship last Wednesday evening who wanted to let us know that during the group prayer she was healed. She was supposed to have surgery the next day because her heart was enlarged and taking up her whole chest. When she went to the hospital they sent her home because she had nothing wrong with her. We told her to thank God and give Him the glory for all He had done for her.

In the morning Carl and I went with a few other local Christians to a town about 1 1/2 hours away. Martin taught and then me. We broke down the walls of tradition (with the word of God) that were preventing them from seeing the power of God manifested in their church and then Carl taught on believing and the power of God and having faith. We anointed everyone in the church with oil and began to minister. As people were being healed, the mothers were going and getting their children so they could be prayed for also. By the time it was all over the healings and deliverance were too numerous to keep track of. One older man, when he realized he was healed and could move around again, started jumping and almost dancing. The joy in the hearts of those healed and/or delivered is what helps us keep moving on even when other things are working against us. We went to have a meal with one of the pastors at his home and were blessed more than we deserved to be and were sad to have to leave them after what seemed like such a short time.


Monday May 7th

In the evening Ed and Carl went to a new church on the edge of town where they shared God’s word and ministered.


Tuesday May 8th

We went in the afternoon to a hospital to pray for a woman who was having heart trouble and afterward we prayed for her husband also. “Give God the glory for your healing” we told them as we left.

Carl and Ed were going to stay home and take care of some business as Ed was leaving in the morning. Our host asked if they could go for 10 minutes to pray for a woman. Two and a half hours later they were heading back to the house after ministering to the woman and her sister. They both received healing and deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ.

Martin took Lee and me to a church that we had been to last year when I was here. There were many faithful Christians at this Gypsy church. The pastor is a great brother who is really moving with the things of God. As we finished our teaching of God’s word, I asked him if he had any oil for anointing and he said no. I gave him my bottle as he was asking us to go to a home nearby and pray for a baby. When we got there, the pastor, Martin, and I anointed the baby with oil and ministered healing and blessed the whole family in the name of Jesus Christ. Glory to our God and loving heavenly father who healed the baby as we prayed for her.


Wednesday May 9th

Ed left for the airport around 4am with a full day of travel ahead, but very blessed for all the healing and deliverance God brought to pass as he had prayed for people during the time he was here.

Carl, Lee, and I began to do a little pre-packing in the morning. Around 11:30am Martin came by to pick us up for a final meeting with him to take care of some ministry business. Included in the trip was another stop at the hospital to pray for a Gypsy pastor whose church we visited last year just hours before a flood destroyed it. He was scheduled to have back surgery for the last five or six days and it had been put off each day until tomorrow. This was the case this morning also. His pain was so bad when we arrived, he could barley walk. After he was prayed for, Carl asked him to bend over, twist, and touch his toes, all which he did pain free. Then Carl told him if he really believed he was healed to run across the parking lot and back, and off he went. Both he and his wife praised God and thanked Him for the healing.

That evening we went to our host family’s new house that we had been to the previous Wednesday and we each taught. After the last teaching Carl invited those who wanted prayer to come forward. We split the group into thirds and had three interpreters to minister healing and deliverance. I don’t know all the miracles that happened that night for the people Carl and Lee prayed for, but I had the joy of seeing a man and his daughter both healed instantly. Then there was an older woman that God healed her aorta and filled her with energy as I prayed for her. Her daughter asked for deliverance and so I cast the demons out of her in the name of Jesus Christ and she was so blessed to be free. We went back to the house spent and thankful for all the miracles of healing and deliverance we had done by the power of Christ in us.

We packed and prepared for the trip home when we arrived back at the house where we were staying. We got up a little before 4am to be ready to leave the house at 5am. Our travel home was safe but we had weather delays on the long overseas flight and were on the plane for 16 ½ hours before getting off in Houston. It was around 51 hours of travel when I arrived in OKC, and even a little longer for Carl and Lee.

I would like thank all of you who were praying for us. Rest assured that God was hearing and answering your prayers. Those of you who helped with finances, God will bless you according to His word which is always more than abundant.

I would also like to thank Florin (I’m not sure of the spelling) who was our interpreter for many of the meetings we did. He is a wonderful Christian, did a great job, and was a joy to be around.


Some final thoughts.

I wasn’t sure about this trip ahead of time except I knew the Lord wanted me to go. It was a very bad time to be away because of all that was going on with a new business I am starting. The devil tried to ruffle our feathers by messing up our travel both going and returning, but to no avail.

God was able to do so much because He made us able to do so much. When we walk according to God’s word, we can do what God’s says we can do.

James 5:15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

When we pray with believing, and the one who asks for prayer believes also, God brings the healing and deliverance to pass. It takes believing faith on both parts. The records in the gospels and the book of Acts show over and over that all who came and asked for healing wholeness, whether they needed deliverance or physical healing, God was faithful to bring to pass His promise of wholeness. God’s word says we have not because we ask not. Let’s not go without because we’re too afraid, or too proud to ask.

Romans 15:13 Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Romania Mission Report 4/20/2007

Carl Fox received the following email and picture from Romania after a cry for help went out due to a dire need for food among the 1,000 families in the Delta Region of Romania who attend our churches in that region and many were near starvation due to no having any crops for food due to extensive flood damage to the region this past year. God Bless in Jesus’ Name those in the Body of Christ who helped with this need by prayer and finances and how quickly some food staples were delivered to these families along with the Word of God. The work has continued since this was written and we were able to help all 1,000 families.

Click here for the email and picture.