Chapter 9: What Is In Your Home?

I was in the home of a very wealthy and respected gypsy man, a member of the Romanian parliament. I was in the back room praying with the mother, father, and grandmother of a five year-old child. For two and a half years, the granddaughter had been crying and whimpering nonstop. They had taken her to the best specialists all over Europe and no one could figure out what was the matter with her. The grandparents, who had been to the church services where I was teaching, had begged me to come and pray for their little granddaughter. I had gone with them and started praying for the girl. I also prayed for an elderly woman who had been tortured in a Communist prison for fourteen years for being a Christian. The only thing that she needed to have done to get out of prison was to say that Jesus was dead. She refused to do that.

We were ministering to the little girl and broke the curse that was on her in the name of Jesus. We put blessings in its place and she started smiling and laughing and flirting with her grandmother. Then all of a sudden we heard a commotion in the living room where most of the people were gathered. In the corner of the living room had been a table that was now scattered in very small pieces all over the floor. Everyone was in shock!

The table had held an object that was a gift to the grandfather. When we removed the curse from the little girl, the object had exploded and was destroyed. The object had been cursed and had been the source of the curse for the little girl.

The people in the room were astounded when they saw the girl smiling and laughing and not crying at all. One of the men in the living room came up and begged me to help him. He confessed that he was a false Christian, an infiltrator. He would go to church and hang around with all the believers, saying he was one also. The man confessed his betrayal, asked God to forgive his sins and to give him new life. Then he requested to be baptized, so we baptized him in the only place around, the bathtub!

Neither the grandparents of the little girl, nor the other gypsies present that night, would have ever thought that beautiful object on the table in the corner was cursed. It is so easy to be deceived! Only God can show us the truth. The grandmother was so delighted that she said, “If there is anything in this house that is cursed, blow it up! Even blow up my house, if necessary. I love God and my family.”

When my wife and I moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to western Tennessee, we noticed something so different for us. While Albuquerque is in the high desert, western Tennessee is part of the Mississippi valley area where everything is very green. We thought it was great the way everyone mowed their lawns—I mean, everyone! The lawns are very large and very well kept, no matter how small and humble the houses. When I started having to mow our lawn, at first I was so busy that I would let the grass get a little high. I’m talking about maybe four or five inches high. I thought it still looked pretty. Well, I learned very fast why you should keep your lawn mowed short! Snakes hide in the grass! I didn’t have any idea that there are poisonous snakes all over the area and lawn mowing is a safety measure.

That is the way things are with witchcraft and sorcery. Things can look pretty good on the surface, but hiding inside is a poisonous curse.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the book, professional curses are very common in many countries around the world. There are curses that a person pays for to put on someone else, or that another pays to put upon us. Most of the time you don’t even know that you have been cursed. It is like walking through the grass and finding a poisonous snake in the middle of that beautiful green pasture. It’s easy to be unaware of them.

The following are only a few examples of what witches use to curse people. The list is endless and many books have been written about this particular aspect of curses. In fact, witchcraft is usually the first thing people think of when I mention anything about curses. Most people don’t even realize that it’s only a very small part of the whole subject. Praise God, that He’s given us so much in His Word to help us understand the strategies of Satan to keep people from knowing God. Whenever we do things that stop others from getting close to the Lord, we might as well say it is witchcraft. Call it what it really is!

I have even heard of pastors and their wives saying it is all right to use white magic. Anyone who tries to use spiritual power without God—I don’t care how good it is—is still using witchcraft. Do you know what happened to people in the Old Testament who practiced these things? They were killed! Check it out in Exodus 22:18.

One of the methods professionals use to curse others is to put curses on objects, and then get them into the homes of the people they are trying to curse. We cannot do anything about an object that has been dedicated to Satan and darkness to make it clean. It has have been consecrated to evil. But we can sure destroy it, keep away from it, and reject it.

Cursed Objects

I am telling you about these things because it can happen to anyone, anywhere in the world. It does not just happen to gypsies in Romania! There are many things being taken into the homes of Christians that have been cursed by professional witches or sorcerers. These can be gifts. Or they can be objects hidden, or buried in the yard by someone else. They are also things that we buy. We think we bought something “so beautiful.” Yet we have just cursed ourselves by bringing a cursed object into our home. This is harder to recognize when someone gives us a cursed thing as a special present, like what happened in the case of the gypsy family. I even know Christian parents who have a hard time getting rid of cursed objects that new age teachers at school had their children make in art classes. Here in the United States, it is common, for example, for children to make Indian “dream catchers” in school. Parents have to tell educate their children about these things!

When it comes to professional curses, we have to really watch out. If we are obedient to the Lord our God, He will help us and protect us. He will make sure that we receive notice about something that was imposed on us, or that we imposed on ourselves. God is not in the business of death! He does not want us to get cut off because of a curse that someone paid to put on us. This means that we must be straight with God—single-minded—and when we say we’re going to get rid of something, we do it.

A couple, which is very close to me, found out that could not play around with cursed objects. They live and work in Washington State, and spend a lot of time doing technical work like charting the bottom of the ocean for making navigational maps. They had been visiting us in New Mexico. The husband, who loves Indian things, was intrigued with the Kachina dolls made by the Indians of New Mexico. I told them to leave the Kachina dolls alone because they are cursed objects. The Indians who make them laugh at all the tourists that buy this type of object. The tourists have no idea what curses they are taking with them.

When the couple left us in their nice four-wheel-drive Nissan, they decided to go through an area where there are some Indian ruins, the Chaco Canyon. These are some of the most important Indian ruins on the North American continent. Thousands of people had to have lived there at one time. As they drove through, a gust of wind came up and rolled their car over, destroying it. They were on a dirt road in the late afternoon. It was not tourist season, so there was no one around. But a man saw them from his car a few miles away. When he got into Farmington, New Mexico, he called the highway patrol.

When the patrol arrived to rescue them they found that these folks had had to build a fire to keep warm because they couldn’t take shelter in their crushed car. They had been there waiting for help for four or five hours. As if they hadn’t had enough trouble already, the first thing the policeman did when he arrived was to write them a ticket for careless driving. He added anything else he could think of to make up a $600 dollar fine. He was not even concerned whether they were alive or dead.

They called me up and when I got there I said, “I don’t want any Kachina dolls in my pickup.” The man said, “What makes you think we have any?” But his wife just squirmed and said, “You can’t fool Carl.” We went through everything until we found the doll. I stomped on it, totally destroying it. Even the man in the junkyard kept saying, “I’ll take it!” But there was no way I was going to curse him.

How about Buddhas? Some people have a little Buddha in their home. They say, “But he’s so cute, with his fat little belly!” He is not. He is a false god. How about other kinds of ancient objects? People think it is so wonderful to have antique things, especially from archeological digs. I could tell story after story of curses I have had to break from people who have picked these things up. There are many objects of this kind that come in and destroy.

For instance, do you know what the New Agers are doing? (By the way, New Agers are not really new. They come from Nimrod, of ancient Babylonia!) They are putting spells on things they make themselves, saying they are made by ancient people. People buy them, too. We were in a home once in which the children played with “dream catchers.” Most of the New Age things that are in round shapes are channels for demons, such as wreaths, leis (flowered necklace wreaths) from Hawaii, and some kinds of necklaces.

Tarot cards, Ouija boards, crystals, and dream-catchers are only a few of these kinds of objects. The Indians make the dream-catchers to weave spells with. “Oh, but they are just funny little things!” No, they are not! If you are asking information from a crystal ball, whether it be in the form of a pendant or something you hold in your hand, get rid of it! You’re supposed to be going to God for information! Those objects are evil and are meant for evil. If you have them, get rid of them! At least, that’s what I would do in my house.

Many times our children bring cursed objects into our homes. For instance, if something “natural” has anyone mesmerized by its beauty, it could very well be cursed. Once my granddaughter found a beautiful black feather that was so black, it shone blue. She brought it into the house with my daughter’s permission. Soon everything started going wrong. Every word they spoke in the privacy of their home was repeated back to them by people outside their family who had not been there at the time. When the object was removed, all the bad things stopped happening. But also God opened the doors of heaven. They started getting back many times over what was taken from them.

Children bring toys into the house that we don’t even think about. I recommend that you ask God whether any items in the house are cursed, starting with your children’s toys. Get all these items out of your house. If you’re not sure about whether something is cursed or not, I’d get rid of it!

Another thing that is dangerous is a wreath, any wreath. Wreaths are considered portals for evil spirits to come in. I know of a lady who had a beautiful flower arrangement in the shape of a wreath over her bedroom door. It was cursed because of the type of dried flowers used in it and it was the gateway for the devil to get in to cause division in her household. The Hawaiian leis are along the same line, letting the spirits come in. The leis are placed on couples as they arrive in Hawaii. They are part of a fertility goddess rite. These things are consecrated for evil and they cannot be made good!

Use wisdom regarding video games. If you have brought something like this into your house and you have noticed a change in behavior in anyone who lives there, back track and see what it was. Your children can bring evil things into the house and you don’t even realize it. Smash those video games. They are stealing your children. The boys who did the shootings in Colorado, in the Columbine High School, were playing these games. We all saw and heard the results of their “entertainment!”

Did you know that many cartoon series shown on television teach young children to accept curses on themselves? I’ve also seen on Christian television things like Virtual-Reality Theater that are just as evil. Why settle for virtual reality, when God will give His people dreams and visions of the truth? Have you ever seen a vision? Talk about detail! God’s Word says that in the end times we will have visions. The Romanian Christians say that Americans have television—so there’s no vision. But you should see all the godly visions the Romanian Christians have. They are truly amazing.

Another category of objects to be aware of is religious objects. Some of the things people consider sacred are really cursed because of idolatry. As far as I’m concerned, these things aren’t Christian. These include icons, statues, and crosses that have Jesus still hanging on them. If Jesus is still on the cross, then he is not resurrected. How do you think that God feels when he looks down on a Christian’s neck and sees his Son like that, after all he went through?

I know a man who has the grim reaper tattooed on his body (the spirit of death with a sickle in his hand). There is already suicide in past generations of his family, so all that tattoo does for him is just give him a self-imposed death curse. Tattoos are very evil, because they can’t be taken off. Just that in itself is a curse. And God speaks against painting or tattooing our bodies.

There are people who paint hex signs on their barns thinking they are taking off evil. But they are actually cursing themselves. You may say I’m crazy, but not about this! I’ve seen what happens.

Many churches have a sign in stained glass, the wheel of eternity, of evolution, and you wonder why churches are falling apart. An art movement, very popular in religious circles, is the renaissance movement with its paintings, sculptures, and murals. These are the icons, or pictures, which show the nice glow behind Jesus’ head. Do you think Jesus walked on this earth with a glow behind his head? No, He walked like you and me. He stubbed his toes, cracked his knuckles, hurt his thumbnail helping his father to build furniture. And in all these things, He never said a bad word. These icons are being used by witches to promote evil.

Cursed Places

If things start going wrong at home and you don’t have any cursed objects there, check your house. Maybe the people who lived in it before had some kind of problem.

I had to pray one time with a couple that were having problems in a house they had just moved into. First, they had problems with their little son. He hated being in his room and couldn’t sleep at night. Dreams terrorized him, about homosexuals doing something to him. After that, they moved the child out and set up the father’s office there. Guess what? He couldn’t work in there, either! His head would start spinning around and he found it difficult to concentrate.

When they called me for prayer, we walked all through the house praying. Although they didn’t know it when they moved in, the people who had lived there before were homosexuals. I asked them if they had noticed anything unusual in the house when they bought it. The wife said that she noticed there were some signs painted on the wall of the closet where the little boy was to sleep. But she painted over them and figured it was all right. I explained to them that those were special symbols that were cursing the house. Just painting over them does not get rid of the curse.

The parents did not believe that it was necessary to remove the whole wall of the closet to get rid of the curse. But that very night, the boy had the worst nightmare of all. The next morning the mother went into the closet with a hammer and tore out the whole wall. God honored her act to look after her son. That same afternoon, a contractor just happened to stop by with extra materials from a job and built a brand new wall in the closet for free. After that, the little boy didn’t have any more of those nightmares.

Cursed Animals

People involved in occult practices like witchcraft and sorcery use animals for many different evil purposes. They can put curses on people through them. For example, we have things like the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. These are idolatrous objects. Since times of antiquity, bunnies and eggs were used in the worship of the goddess of fertility and springtime. The goddess’ name is Astarte or Ishtar (later forms were Oestre, becoming our modern word “Easter”). She is as old as the Babylonian and Egyptian demons. I don’t get too upset about people celebrating Easter, as long as they don’t worship those objects. In fact, I’m glad that at least once a year people recognize that Jesus died and rose again! It’s interesting that this goddess is worshipped in the Middle East and in the United States, but there is no such thing in Latin America. There they have another goddess instead. Each area of the world has specific animals that are either worshipped or are part of their rites.

The devil is trying to bring us down. We can save our homes; we can save our nation. There is something we can do about it. You can save your marriage and your children. If you have a healthy home, keep it that way and help other people to have healthy homes. Clearing our homes of cursed objects is one of the best places to begin!

Always check your house to see what’s left behind when other people come into your house, even for a visit. In war, you would always check these things. If you are spending time with people who are not causing you to stand strong, confront them. Start talking about Jesus. That will send them away if they do not want to change. If you have relationships and friendships that lead you away from Jesus Christ, the only one that will get you to God is the relationship with Jesus Christ. Whenever you do things that stop you from getting close to the Lord, you open the doors for devastating curses in your life.

In order to be set free from the results of cursed objects and these types of curses, there is a very important action that is required. Turn yourself over to Jesus Christ. Make Jesus the Lord of your life, not yourself. Making a little confession down on your knees is not something you do once in your life, or even once a week. You have to do this every day. You may be tempted to do wrong instead of doing what is right, but you make a decision to do what is right. Why? Because Jesus is Lord. He is our Boss.

This is very important. Cleaning out our homes of curses objects (which permit the devil to impact our lives) is a necessary part of being able to live lives that are dedicated to Christ. Clean up your home and it will be a blessing to all who live there and to all who visit. We must become aware of how the enemy infiltrates and sneaks in to try to ruin our close, day-by-day relationship with the Lord.

Teaching and ministering faith, healing, deliverance and salvation around the world.