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Carl Fox is Founder and President of Christian Faith International Ministries. His life and ministry can best be explained by his unwavering faith in the Word of God and his determination to walk in the spirit without limitations that structured religious systems are accustomed to. He has served the Body of Christ for over 30 years and has ministered to thousands throughout the United States and across several continents. The thrust of his ministering is in Romania, where for the past 17 years, Carl has brought healing and deliverance to the Gypsy nation resulting in the gypsies themselves rising up and planting hundreds of churches across their country with signs, miracles and wonders following. Also, very dear to his heart, the taking care of widows, orphans and the forgotten.

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When he’s not on the road or traveling overseas ministering, Carl lives in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico where he oversees the work of Christian Faith International Ministries and pastors the local church.

Carl, through the years has written several books such as: Turning Curses to Blessings, Breaking The Authority Of The Bastard Curse, co- written with Paul Norcross, and Forgiveness, Giving Up Your Right To Revenge.

Here is a sample of Turning Curses to Blessings,

Chapter 3  The Source Of Blessings

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