Miracle Testimony by Sharon Chambers

I met Carl and Sheila Fox in June of 2000 when I received prayer and healing. At that time I was permanently disabled. I walked with crutches, sometimes a walker, used a back brace, TENS unit, and a CPAP breathing machine at night for Sleep Apnea. I needed $1500 per month in prescriptions to function a few hours a day and not function very well at that. I had not been able to work a single day in 5 years. I had multiple incurable medical conditions. I lived in severe pain in spite of very strong pain medication. I had a 51% loss of balance in my right inner ear and experienced vertigo and nausea daily. I had degenerative joint and disc disease in my back with a spinal fusion that had been inflamed for 32 years. My sciatic nerve was injured at the root inside the spine. I had chronic bursitis in both hips and painful abnormal kneecaps. I had Generalized Dystonia, a neurological muscle movement disorder that pulled and contorted muscles causing extremely painful spasticity. Between Fibromyalgia pain and the Dystonia pulling on my rib cage, I had not been able to take a deep breath for over a year. These are just a few of more then a dozen diagnoses made after extensive medical testing.

By the Grace of God I know what it is like to suddenly be able to bend and move without any pain or spasticity; to gain 2 inches in height when my back straightened; to have balance signals instantly return to my inner ear; to take off walking 1 ½ miles a day when I had not been able to walk more than one block with crutches on the best of days; to suddenly be able to do all the things that I had not been able to do in many years; to stop using all that medication and medical equipment; to amaze doctors with the sudden complete healing of all my medical conditions; and for this nurse to go back to work full time with full function, miraculously healed by the Power of God! Even medical specialists recognized this was indeed a miracle! I had been prayed for many times over the years without getting healed. When I met Carl Fox he ministered differently than others I met, listened to on the radio or saw on TV. Best description I can give is it was more like what I saw Jesus do in the Bible, going about quietly from town to town, praying one on one with individuals, avoiding fame, not seeking fortune, just loving people. Carl gives all the glory to God for the many miracles that occur in his ministry. Carl prayed differently for me than others had. He broke curses off of me in the name of Jesus Christ. After that, the remaining prayers the Lord led Carl to speak resulted in the total miraculous healing of my body. I want to make it very clear this miracle is not about the man who prayed for me. It is about the Lord who told Him what needed to be prayed. It is about the Word of God being True and ALL THE GLORY goes to our Father God who answered prayers spoken in the Name of Jesus Christ!!

Of the many incurable disorders I had, quite a few were thought to be hereditary or genetic predisposition. As a nurse I was well versed in heredity. Well you won’t find the words heredity or genetics in the bible. The root cause of some of those incurable medical conditions healed in me was generational curses. There were other curses in my life I was unaware of because I did not know what the Word of God said about curses. Curses were broken and God’s Blessings were ministered and I am well!! There are over 200 verses in the Bible where God is talking about curses. There are very specific instructions in the Bible on how to get God’s Blessings. Yet this is an area not being taught in most churches. Some places are starting to talk about it but the devil has so side tracked the people and misdirected the teaching in this area that the truth is not getting through. The devil wants all this kept under wraps because it is a major door through which he attacks people’s lives. Since I got healed, I have been studying this and other keys to answered prayer in the Word, applying it daily in my life, praying with other people, and been there when Carl and Sheila have prayed with people. In 25 years of nursing as a Christian I had never personally witnessed a miraculous healing before I was healed. I have now witnessed dozens of them and can testify to the truth of God’s Word and to the difference it makes in lives when people come to understand, believe and pray as the Word of God tells us to! I give Glory to God for the Truth He has lain before us in His Scriptures!! I thank Him for all who interceded for me in prayer! I thank Him for His Love, Grace and Mercy! Jesus set me free! Devil loses! God Wins! Praise the Lord!

a word from Carl Fox Founder and President of CFIM


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