About the Author

Carl Fox, serving the Body of Christ for over 20 years, has ministered to thousands throughout the United States from Washington and Oregon to Maine and Massachusetts, as well as India, Romania, and the Ukraine. He has also started and pastored churches in Minnesota, New Mexico, California, and Washington. By teaching, preaching, and praying for healing, he has been able to build people up and learn how to stop the enemy’s attacks, receiving freedom to rise up and serve the Lord. By His grace, God has empowered Carl to impart a greater understanding and ability in areas of the ministry of the Spirit.

He purposes to prepare the church for the last days, that we may be a blessing to the Lord. His life and ministry can best be explained by his faith in the Word of God and his determination to walk in the Spirit without the limitation of structured religious systems that try to dictate what may or may not be done.

By equipping the saints to stop the enemy’s attacks, ministries are freed to help each other in the bond of peace and unity. As the importance of each individual to the Body of Christ is brought to light, many are enabled to rise up and serve the Lord.

Carl lives in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, with his wife Sheila, and oversees the work of Christian Faith International Ministries.


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Teaching and ministering faith, healing, deliverance and salvation around the world.