PowerPoint: In Christ’s love, everyone is someone

Christian Faith International Ministries supports a variety of ministry work in Romania. One of the ministries started by and supported by Christian Faith International Ministries, is “In Christ’s Love, Everyone Is Someone.” This is a Ministry to Widows and Children. This is a continuing ongoing work and this slide presentation shows some of the needs being met. In Romania, children are legally orphans when their father dies. Many of the orphans CFIM cared for, when we had an orphanage, had a mother and siblings but could not live with their family and be fed. Many of the street children in Romania are on the streets because families cannot feed all their children and they send the older ones out to fend for themselves. It is not a country with the resources for the poor that our country has available. It is desperate time in a country with 70% unemployment, agriculture diminished by repeated massive flooding for the last 2 years and much of the protein source in the villages destroyed with the bird flu causing so many chickens to be destroyed. Several years ago a vision was given to Carl to reach children by keeping them with their families and reaching the whole family. This ministry project was started to do just that. Carl overseas local Romanians as they are working to meet physical and spiritual needs of these families. The ministry project is a CONTINUING ONGOING WORK which is growing as funds allow. We are actually reaching more children this way then when we had an orphanage. See the instructions for watching the slide presentation below. To read a written report on this ministry in a letter Carl wrote in June 06, click here. God Bless all of you, in the Name of Jesus Christ, who support this work with your prayers and finances.



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