Feeding the hungry in Romania

Email from Brother Martin in Romania written on 4/11/07 after initial
buying of food to feed the poor, and the work continues on:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in CFI,

Only The Lord Jesus knows what a blessing it was to see you all get under the load and remember the poor.“Lord when were you hungry”?  Because you have done this unto the lest of mine, The Lord Jesus said, you have done it unto HIM. We, Bro. Florin, Bro.Onita, and me have been praying, preaching, and praising (Onita’s group of musicians made up of 5 brothers form our church. (Please pray for a van for this uses. I have one but it is 27 years old VW. We call it the family Van because the whole family has to get out to push it at time to get it going. Maybe I can trade it to Bro. Lee for his 4WD SUV. Ha Ha! The different gatherings and places where we have been going have roads and very seldom do we ever need 4WD. I don’t think we could afford the up keep and parts for one. I have been renting a van on week-ends when we go far and take all the instruments. A 9 passenger vans costs $105 a day. The blessing is, these places we are going, the people are being saved, healed, and the Churches are being grounded in the Word of God and they are growing. These financial gifts that you send through Brother Carl are being used to not only put food in their bellies but also a love in their hearts for The Lord and an assurance that He knows that He cares for them and works through you all there in the USA to bless them. This act of love on your part, bring a real unity and fellowship in the hearts. They know that they are loved and are important. Bro. Onita asked to help him pastor the Church with him. He is such a dear humble brother and worthy of our love prays and support. He is Poor material wise but rich in Christ, love and hospitality. I am sending a picture of him at his home where we ate together and the garage where it rains on us something in meetings. This brother has never asked me for a dime. What a refreshing to work with him and Bro Florin. We started this project of taking food to the poor in the churches by faith and prayer. Now we know why you all are called Christian Faith International. We have bought 2.25 tons of Staple food for about 500 families. Each Leader of the Church must give us a list of each family that gets the CFI package. This contains 2 kilo. of flour, 1 kilo oil, 1 rice, 1 sugar. 1 of Bro. Carl Fox’s book on “The keys to answered pray”. An Illustrated Children’s Bible. I will send you some pictures and trust the Lord that you can open them. Love in Christ, Martin

Feeding the poor in Romania
Feeding the poor in Romania

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