Romania Mission Trip October 2006

Please Pray for the mission team on their trip to Romania October 5-19 2006. Accompanying Carl Fox on this trip are Lee Camacho, Rico Graniero, Steve Roy and Eleanor Wilson. Please pray for their safety and their work in Romania along with the ministers in Romania working to bring God’s Word, salvation, healing and deliverance to many in need in Romania. Please keep the family members of the team lifted up in prayer also! God Bless all of you who pray for this work in the Name of Jesus Christ!



Journal Romania 2006

by Rico Graniero

October 5 & 6

The team: Carl Fox, Eleanor Wilson, Lee Camacho, Rico Graniero, and Steve Roy (who will arrive on the 8th around noon).

All of us met up at Minneapolis International Airport in the morning. We boarded at 3:30 PM for Amsterdam and arrived at 6:35 AM local time; it was an 8 – 9 hour flight. We connected to Bucharest at 9:30 AM and arrived at 1:35 P.M. local time. We were greeted by Silvia with love and flowers. Martin and Cornell and Roxanna arrived shortly thereafter. The men went to Cornell’s home and Eleanor went with Roxanna to her home. Lee went with Cornell. Carl and Rico went with Martin and drove by to see his banana store (that’s right, he sells bananas; it was revelation from God and it is a prosperous venture) and his sign out front; the only sign (that he knows of) in Romania that has scripture on it; John 3:16. We fellowshipped and broke bread at Cornell’s home after meeting all of his family and retired somewhat early, about 9:00 P.M. so, that we could be rested for the next day.


October 7

We started our day with Carl and Rico meeting with a man who pastors a Gypsy Church located a couple of hours away; he came in town to meet with Carl at Cornell’s home. Carl counseled and ministered and there was great emotional deliverance. Then Carl met with a married couple and ministered. After Carl’s meeting was over, we all fellowshipped around the Word for a while and ran some errands.

That evening we went to one of the local Gypsy churches. There we met Florin, a wonderful man of God, who loves the Lord, who would be our translator. The meeting was in a garage that was open at one end where a door normally would be. It was humble, with folding chairs and wooden benches. But they love the Lord and worship with great joy. They had a great sound system and tremendous musicians and singers were crowded in up front. The pastor played the Sambala (an instrument with strings that resembles and is played like a hammer dulcimer) and there was base guitar and 3 singers. It started at 6:00 P.M. and went until about 9:30 or so. We started with prayer and an inspired introduction by John (a Gypsy pastor who has planted many churches for the Lord). It was an exciting evening of Gypsy praise and worship music, prayer, and preaching. Lee and Rico and Martin (an elder working with the Gypsy churches, he was one of those who met us at the airport) shared God’s word first, followed by more prayer and praise. Then Carl taught, prophesied, and ministered and the Lord confirmed all the Word shared with signs following. There was great deliverance and healing, backs were healed, hearing was restored, and demons were cast out all to the glory of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. That was followed by a closing message by another Gypsy preacher. The evening saw many hearts turn to the Lord.

After the meeting Carl, Rico, Lee, John, and four other brethren went with Martin to a building that Martin believes God as shown him that they should have for this church we just attended. We walked around it and prayed and claimed it for the Lord’s work. On the way back home we had inspired prayed for several people that were known to have physical and spiritual need for deliverance. There was great fellowship and rejoicing on the way home.


October 8

In the morning we went to a local Romanian church. Martin sang and shared. Lee and Rico shared the Word before Carl. Then Carl shared the Word and ministered. Afterward all of us ministered deliverance of the Lord to several people who came forward. Lee left the service early to go with Cornell to pick up Steve Roy who would arrive at around noon from the states to complete the team.

After that service we met the parents of a 13 year old girl who had cancer in her leg. They had done some surgery and some other treatments and wanted to remove her leg. But the parents wanted us to go and pray for her. So, all of us climbed into Martin’s van, Carl, Rico, Roxanna, Eleanor, Florin and the Parents of the girl. When we arrived at the hospital Carl and Rico anointed her with oil. Carl talked with her, prophesied over her, the prophesy had her weeping from relief and joy at how much God loved her, and then Carl, Rico, and Martin laid hands on her. Carl ministered and the girl rejoiced. We knew something happened and Carl told me later that he felt something happening in her leg as he ministered. She and her parents were claiming the deliverance. The girl said she that would not let the doctors cut off her leg because she knew God had healed her! She was feeling so much better that when we left, she walked us to the elevator, praising the Lord. On the way out Carl had Rico anoint another a little girl very quickly and bless her in the name of Jesus Christ and Carl said she was healed.

That afternoon all of us drove out about 3 hours to visit a Gypsy village Church planted by John. There were about 100 + people. There was tremendous deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ. We arrived a little after 6:00 P.M. and didn’t leave until sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 P.M. We got home around 1:30 A.M.

Before we started a man come up with stomach problems Carl and Rico anointed him with oil, laid hands on him, Carl silenced the demons, prayed for him and the Lord delivered him. Steve Roy shared first and encouraged them that they all had a gift to bless the body. Carl introduced Roxanna and Eleanor to share their greetings and blessings. This was contrary to tradition, because women are not aloud to speak in the church except during prayer time. But it was the Lord working, because even the men were listening and, through their short sharings, the Lord began to soften and prepare their hearts to receive the deliverance that He would bring as the night progressed. Then Lee shared on the promises of God being yes, yes. Rico taught on the power of Christ in us, that we have been rescued from the power of darkness as lights to the world; that God is at work in us, that we are seated with Christ at God’s right hand with everything (including Satan, so lets crush him) under our feet, and encouraged them to believe it.

Carl took off from there and encouraged them that they had the same power of God that we all have, the same Holy Spirit, that they could do all things through Christ in them. He taught on the healing and deliverance of the Lord Jesus and how to claim and keep their deliverance, even if sometimes it didn’t look like they had received, or if they had received immediate deliverance don’t let anything talk them out of it.

He shared with them the vision that God had shared with him for the Gypsy people; that they would be some of the greatest lights and ministers that He would call to the world. That God had brought them through so much. The world, try as it may, cannot get rid of them; they just keep bouncing back as a people! He prophesied during his teaching; the Lord was working in the hearts of those people like He hadn’t worked in years. When Carl was done he called for the ministers to come forward, there were about 20 or so. He prayed for them and encouraged them in their responsibility to serve.

After that there was so much excitement that all the people thronged us. We anointed all of them with oil and as we did so, many were instantaneously healed just from that without any prayer. Their faith was so great that the Lord was healing people as fast as we could anoint them and say “God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ!” Others did need prayer but, the prayers were short and the deliverance was great; the Lord was confirming the Word that was taught with signs. One lady told Eleanor that she had not seen such great joy in that church for years. Some people would just point to a part of their body and we anointed them and prayed for that part that they pointed to and they would jump with joy giving glory to God for the immediate healing they received! Wombs were healed, curses were broken, demons were cast, weak hearts and legs and hips and spines were healed. Also, broken hearts were healed, depression and heaviness were lifted. One woman could not see very well (not sure if it was age or something else) but she was healed. There are no language barriers with God. What a glorious day for God and the Lord Jesus!


October 9

Carl, Rico, Eleanor, and Roxanna went with a believer to pray for some of her property. During the communist years it was taken from her family but now, after years in court, the Lord has given it back to her. But there are some homeless Gypsies who have taken up home there and they do not want to move or pay rent. We went there, prayed and claimed it back for the believer, broke curses, and bound spirits. The Gypsies tried to intimidate us but as we bound the spirits and broke the witchcraft curses they were speaking even then, they backed down. We also visited other property that was taken from her family and prayed over it and claimed it back for the Glory of the Lord.

October 10

Several people, including a wonderful married couple, came over to meet with Carl for council and pray. After that Carl, Rico, Steve, Eleanor, and Roxanna went with Cornell to another small village to meet with the village authorities concerning some issues with meeting places for one of Cornell’s churches. Cornell, Carl, and Roxanna went into the office while Rico, Steve, and Eleanor waited outside in prayer. Shortly thereafter, they came back out with a woman that needed prayer. Carl prayed and ministered and there was great joy as the Lord revealed the woman’s heart and she was delivered of much emotional and physical pain.

We then drove out into the country side to house where there was a family with 8 children, 7 girls and 1 boy. The boy was the main reason we were there, he needed deliverance from demons. Cornell anointed them all with all and Carl ministered to them all as we stood by silently praying in the spirit. There was much revealed as Carl prayed and demons were bound and cast out, curses were broken, and blessings were loosed. All the children were noticeably blessed including the boy who appeared more focused and attentive. We then drove through more of the country neighborhoods of dirt roads and saw many of the people who Carl, Roxanna, and Steve knew and had ministered to in the past, especially many of the children who Steve had worked with. Plans were made for Steve and Roxanna to return meet with the children.

That night Carl had a prison ministry business meeting. Eleanor, Roxanna, Rico, Elaina, Lee, and Martin went to the local Gypsy church that we went to on Saturday night. After prayer and singing, Lee and Rico taught. We made prayer and healing available. Curses were broken and demons cast out and bodies healed. There was much deliverance and rejoicing in the Lord.


October 11

After a morning of fellowship and rejoicing in what the Lord was doing we ran errands. That night we split up and went to two churches. Steve and Lee went to a local Gypsy church planted by John, while Carl, Eleanor, Rico, and Roxanna attended Cornell’s church. Rico shared first on Jesus coming to heal broken hearts and bodies and setting the captives free. Eleanor shared further on Jesus healing the broken hearts and bearing our sorrows and grief. Then Carl taught on believing what the Word says whether what we see confirms it or not, the Word is the truth. If we believe it we have it. Carl had Rico anoint everyone with oil (there were about 20 people there) and Carl prayed for everyone as the Lord led. Once again the Lord confirmed the Word taught with immediate signs and wonders, as bodies were healed and demons were silenced and then cast out.

We then went over to the Gypsy church that Steve and Lee had gone to. Steve had already shared and Lee was just finishing up. There were about 100+ people there. There was singing and prayer. Then Rico and Eleanor shared, both of them expanding on what they had shared at the first church as the Spirit led. Then Carl taught on Jesus cleansing us from our sins and confession of our sins to get forgiveness, which would then be followed by great deliverance. The spirit of God was convicting people of their sins. Carl then prayed for everyone as he was led by the spirit. We did not lay hands on anyone yet there was much physical and emotional deliverance. Curses were broken and demons were cast out, you could see countenances change; bodies were healed, you could see the relief on those who were delivered from weak hearts and backs, livers, headaches. These were only some of the things mentioned as Carl ministered, but you get the point. I could feel the oppression leave. Everyone was giving glory to God and praising the Lord Jesus.


October 12

During the day we fellowshipped together as a team, ran some errands and ate lunch out. That evening we split up into two teams. Steve, Eleanor, Roxanna, Adriana, and Lee went to a village where there are a lot of children, about 40 to 50. Steve taught them on the 6 days of creation. He emphasized how God created man different from all the rest of what He created; that He created man with spirit. This was so that man could talk with God, like we talk to a friend, not just one way but a two way conversation. Steve challenged the children to talk with God like that and that when he came back he would like to hear about what God said to them. Roxanna and Adriana taught them some new songs; they played games and prayed together.

Carl and Rico went to Galina, a small village where Carl first taught the Gypsy people; this was the place that it all started about 12 or so years with the Gypsies. The original church was torn down. However, the church we met in was gift from the mayor, praise the Lord! Many were new people, some were there 12 years ago; Carl had baptized some of them. There was much singing and praise to God and prayer. Rico taught on the physical and emotional sufferings of Jesus Christ and therefore, the complete deliverance brought to us through the beatings that He endured.

Building on that, Carl then shared with them the vision that God had shown him years ago, that they are called to be the greatest evangelists ever; that the Gypsy people are so loving and caring, that even when they don’t have enough for themselves they will feed others anyway; that they are a people full of love; but that they need the deliverance from the curses on them as a people. He taught them that Psalm 109 is about them and of the curses on them because they are decedents of Judas. But because Jesus Christ became a curse for us, that we can break this curse, and that they will rise up in deliverance to become those great evangelists that God showed Carl they could be. There was great rejoicing. Carl then anointed everyone with oil (as they crowded up to the front) and blessed them all; he prayed corporately for deliverance and healing; and there was great physical healing and great deliverance from oppression. People were rejoicing, praising Jesus, and giving Glory to God.


October 13

During the day Carl had some business meetings with several of the ministers so, the rest went shopping for an anniversary gift for our hosts, Cornell and Juliana; it is their 29th wedding anniversary. That evening Carl, Rico, Steve, and Adrianna went with Juliana, their youngest daughter, Anna, to a church that Cornell, Juliana and their family also attend besides the church that Cornell runs in their home.

It was a charismatic church, which means they are into praise and worship, and they break from the traditional women on one side with their heads covered with a scarf and the men on the other side, the woman can wear pants, etc. They allow woman to speak, as well. However, as it is sometimes in America, they have decided to magnify their praise and worship above God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. Now, this was an unexpected visit but this pastor does know Carl and has worked with him in the past and has seen the miracles. We sang praises for about an hour. The pastor had another man preach before Carl. Then he introduced Carl.

Carl taught on how Christianity all over the world is not pleasing God because they do not believe, they have no faith. He told them that as nice as the praise was and even the other man’s sharing, it doesn’t please God, only faith pleases Him; faith includes obedience. He shared that as nice as the building was, that is not the church, the believers are the church; that where two or three gathered in Jesus’ name, He is in the midst; that we are his body and He is the head. He challenged them to believe that they could do the same things as Jesus, that if we ask anything in His name He will do it that the Father will be glorified in the Son. He challenged them to obey God and reach out to their friends and others about Jesus. He shared about the healing of his arm and that you have to say what the Word says, even if the 5 senses doesn’t appear to line up, we still say what the Word of God says.

When he started, the crowd was cold, when he finished they were ready for prayer and deliverance. But when he asked the pastor if he could pray for everyone the pastor said no, it was getting late! He said Carl could do it after he shared a short closing. The short closing went another hour! And when he was done, the excitement for deliverance and healing had cooled. The pastor shut down, squelched, the spirit of God, because of his own ambitions (and jealousy of the attention) to fit into his “demonation”. I think the Amplified version might say it best:

James 3:16 For wherever there is jealousy (envy) and contention (rivalry and selfish ambition), there will also be confusion (unrest, disharmony, rebellion) and all sorts of evil and vile practices.

Juliana, who brought us, was disappointed also, and said if we wanted to leave we could. But we decided to stay and it was the Lord working. While they were all singing and praising (again) a man came over to where we were sitting and brought over his daughter (about 6 years old) to be prayed for. Carl anointed her, we laid hands on her, and he prayed. She was yellow with liver problems. After he prayed for her, he took our interpreter, Adrianna, over to where the mother was with the father and daughter, and prayed for the mother to be delivered of fear. Several others gathered around and when he was done the mother was better and the yellow disappeared from the little girl’s skin. Praise the Lord and glory be to God! Well, the praise and worship stopped and no one else came over, not even the pastor, to say goodbye. So, we left. It is not about numbers, only about faith and obedience. Even though it looked bleak, the ones who the Lord knew would believe received their deliverance.

October 14

We went food shopping and just relaxed.


October 15

The team split into two. Rico wasn’t feeling well so Carl prayed for him but he needed to stay home and rest in the morning. Steve and Lee went to a small church near the university that is moving among the students. It is small church run by a young married couple. They run it in a McDonalds! The management allows it because they bring in business, praise the Lord! There was only one other person there this morning besides the married couple who run it and Steve and Lee. He was in a lot of emotional pain, having trouble with un-forgiveness. Steve prayed for him and he received deliverance and rejoiced in the Lord. Steve taught on having faith to please God and sometimes that means doing things against the norm. He shared of the incident in Matthew where the men tore up someone’s roof and lowered their friend down in front of Jesus to get healed, that’s faith and certainly not the normal thing to do!

Carl, Eleanor, Cornell, and Adriana (the interpreter) went to two different churches. At the first church Carl taught and prayed for everyone corporately and there was deliverance and blessings received. This was a quick meeting and so on to the next church they needed to go. When they arrived at the next church the pastor was finishing up, and Cornell had gone in first and heard the tail end of what he was preaching but Carl did not know.

Carl was introduced and began to teach on curses and what we speak can curse people, which turns out to be what the pastor was teaching on when they arrived! Once again, the spirit of the Lord was at work. Carl continued to teach how to break those word curses, and that as we forgive then God can do what it says in Genesis 12, since we are children of Abraham by faith, this promise is to us:

Genesis 12:3 3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

We obey God, use the name of Jesus, and forgive, and God will fight the battle. The greatness of this sharing is the there were two witches there in the front row. In reality, Carl was teaching everyone else there how to defeat these witches right in front of them! Praise the Lord! They were trying to stop it, Adriana was having trouble interpreting until had to pray for her right there, and then she was fine. Carl prayed for another woman during his teaching, and then prayed for everyone corporately. There was much deliverance and rejoicing in the Lord.

Afterward they went to several hospitals looking for a man that Cornell wanted to pray for but whom they never found. But they did walk into a room with a very sick woman who they did not know. Carl asked through the interpreter, if she wanted pray, if she believed God would heal her in the name of Jesus. She got indignant, responding to him that asked a lot of personal questions (she was not a believer). After more conversation Carl did pray for her and she was healed! God is good. Even though they couldn’t find the man they were looking for God led them to one who would receive.

That afternoon, Rico was healed and he and Steve barbequed lots of meat for the anniversary celebration for our hosts, Cornell and Juliana. The woman prepared all sorts of other food and desserts. It was a wonderful celebration. Afterwards, we all got together and Eleanor presented them with the gift that (the American team) had gotten for them a few days earlier. A complete bed set, comforter, pillows, sheets, etc. Something they would never buy for themselves. They were very blessed.

That night we split into two again. Steve, Eleanor, and Roxanna went back to Buchamen where they have all the children. They sang songs and prayed. Steve taught on Adam and Eve and that, even though they disobeyed, God loved them anyway and made away for us to get back to Him, through Jesus Christ. There were some new children there who were not saved and so they prayed with them to receive Jesus; it was great time of rejoicing.

Carl and Rico and Adriana went to a local Gypsy church of about 50+ people. Rico taught first on the power that we have as sons of God; that Jesus was the only begotten Son of God and we are sons of God, so then Jesus is our big brother. He set the example of how to live as a son of God and we can do the same things He did, but we have to believe.

Carl then taught on Mark 16:15-18 in detail.

Mark 16:15-18 15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. 17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

That the Gypsies are already in the uttermost parts of the world. Who better than them to bring the gospel to the world? That for signs to follow believers, the believers have to be moving, if there is no one moving then there is nothing for the signs to follow. He taught that if we have a drinking or anger or fear (etc.) problem that is a devil, we can cast them out. He spoke in tongues and interpreted a message from God for them. Carl explained that taking up serpents is talking about dealing with devils and if they drink (or eat) any deadly thing it won’t harm us. And as soon as he covered they will lands on the sick and they shall recover he made prayer available.

Everyone came up and Carl split the group in two, he took half and Rico took the other we both had interpreters and anointed with oil and prayed for each one who came up. There was much deliverance, curses were broken, demons were cast out, and sicknesses were cured by the power of God. There was a partially paralyzed woman there who received healing and was able to move more than before but did receive complete deliverance but she knew she was healed; Carl encouraged her to endeavor to move more every day and he exhorted all of them to continue to encourage and love her daily. Others were healed of back, leg, and spine problems; head, heart, stomach and liver ailments; and demons were cast out bringing great release from captivity. At the end Carl dedicated a child. There was much rejoicing in the Lord and glory to God.


October 16

This evening we split into two teams again. Steve and Roxanna went back Buchameni (sp?). Steve taught on the things that Jesus accomplished for them in bringing back the spirit of God, that they are heirs of God with Jesus, and that they can do the same things that Jesus did. They sang and prayed with them. It looks like they may need to move the children’s meetings out of the school to a rented room, but this will give them an opportunity reach more children of different ages.

Carl, Eleanor, and Adriana went with Cornel to a meeting with Campus Crusades near the University. Rico went with Elaina and met them there. It was a small, but powerful meeting; there were 10 people besides the team. Carl taught on faith and obedience. That to have faith means we obey what God’s Word says and that we don’t have to understand it with our intellect before we do it. That we can do the same things that Jesus did; that signs are to follow believers and if not, then we do not believe the right thing; that we can know what the Word says and put it on the shelf it won’t work. But if we obey and believe, it will work in our lives. We need our intellect but not ahead of obeying and believing God’s Word. Rico taught on that the Bible has all things pertain to life and godliness; that through the promises of God we share God’s nature. So, as Jesus was the Son of God, we are sons of God and we share the same nature as Jesus. We can do the same things as Jesus and if God be for us than who can be against? What is there to be afraid of with Jesus as our big brother and God as our Father? So let’s stand together against the devil.

Carl then made his new booklet, in Romanian, “Principles of Answered Prayer” available to them. It just arrived that night as we were preaching. He gave them out to everyone.Carl then made prayer available. Everyone came forward and the Lord confirmed the Word, once again with signs following. He anointed each with oil and the Lord healed back problems, allergies, hernia, and other physical ailments, all with immediate results. Demons of confusion and fear were cast out; a demon of arthritis was cast, all with immediate results. A marriage was brought back together; they were separated and had arrived separately, the mother was with their only daughter. The mother and daughter stood up for prayer but the father did not come up until Carl called him up (it was obvious the man didn’t want to come up). But he came forward and Carl prayed for the daughter’s eyes to be healed. Then the wife asked for prayer for their marital problems, the husband was silent at first. Carl spoke with the couple about their commitment and especially forgiveness; they were both convicted (yes the husband too, Praise the Lord) before all; they recommitted themselves to each other in front of all and Carl blessed them in the name of Jesus Christ; told them to kiss and go home re-consummate their marriage and never let anyone (in-laws, etc.) or arguments come between them again; they kissed and renewed their vows and commitment before the Lord and the church. There was much rejoicing. Only the Lord could have planned this out! Another man came forward and the Lord revealed that he was an honest man and a prophet. The man’s wife was not there but he wanted prayer for her because her womb was toxic and that she had lost other babies. Carl prayed for her and sent him home with a prayer cloth soaked in anointing oil. He was glorifying God and believed that his wife was healed. We closed with prayer and a Romanian song of blessing, “Please God Ties Up with Love Chains”. It was an evening of great deliverance and glory to God.


October 17

Carl, Rico, and Roxanna went with Cornel to a men’s prison, Ialomita. It was not a maximum security prison, it had juveniles and grown men. But it was heavy with spirits. When the prisoners came in (about 20) we immediately bound spirits in the name of Jesus. Cornel opened it up with talking to them about Romans 13 and how when you break the rules you pay the price. Rico was supposed to speak next and then Carl, but we were not given enough time so, Cornel then turned it over to Carl. Roxanna interpreted. Rico and Cornel prayed fervently, quietly binding spirits and praying in the spirit.

Carl shared with them that they are in there for a reason. God is the only one who can help them, and He will help when they decide to obey Him. They must decide to believe there is a God and then choose whether they want to continue to think that they are smarter than God or not. As some of them began to disagree that there even is a God, he shared with them Psalm 14:1a The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. He taught them that you can believe there is no God if you want, that’ll change your life, but not God’s. He shared that you have two places to go after death, which one do you want; eternal life or eternal torment? There is no turning back from either.

He talked about their choices in life; they are the ones who decide where their lives will go. They argued that because they were in jail no one wants to help them, but Carl told them that God would help them. He challenged them to depend on God not their brains or their ideas (which got them there in the first place) or other people. He asked them how many have families that are hurt over this. They all raised their hands. Do you want to keep hurting them, he asked?

He went to Romans 10:8-11 and read that he told them not to worry about what anyone else thinks, but stand if they wanted to accept the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone, accept one stood. Although the one who didn’t stand was one of the ones whose life changed the most. Cornel anointed everyone with oil. Carl prayed for them to receive the Lord Jesus Christ, remission of sins, and salvation.

Afterwards there was discussion. There were two guys in the front, both were name Cristi, one who will be released in 70 days and the other has 10 years. One was the one mentioned above. They were arguing about the system; that it is against them because there are other people out there that sin worse than them. But because they have served time and these others have not, everything goes against them. Carl told them yes that is right, too bad. You have to depend on God’s system, He is the one who will make it work for them if the change and come to him. Carl handed out his booklet to them on prayer and told them if they would do what it says about prayer it would change their lives. Carl said these two men’s lives were changed the most by what was done.


October 18

We packed and said our goodbyes and left for home.

Glory be to God for His unspeakable gift.